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How Can You Root Your Android Device – Personal How-to Guide

Your Android device can do a lot of things, but it’s a bit restricted if you don’t have full access to it. By gaining root access on your device, you will be able to control everything you want on it. If you are bored of all the applications that come pre-installed on your Android device, then you should know that you can uninstall them without any problems.

The process for rooting your Android device is not that hard and today we’re going to teach you how to do it. But you should follow the exact instructions, because otherwise, if something goes wrong, we don’t want to be held accountable.

Backing Up Your Android Device

Rooting your Android device is easy and safe, but you should still make a backup of your device before you do this.

The Android OS comes with a lot of settings and you should make a backup of your important stuff before you start the rooting process. In order to make sure that you have all the important stuff backed up, go to Settings->Backup & Reset and make sure that the “Back up my data” is checked.

At the same time, you should go to Settings->Accounts and make sure that the “Auto-sync data” is checked. If you have photos and videos that you don’t want to lose, you should connect your device to a computer and copy all them there, so you don’t lose them.

Downloading Kingo Root

One of the easiest and quickest ways to root your Android device is by using the Kingo Root application. Download this application on your Windows PC, accept the license agreement and select where you want to install it.

Kingo Root is supporting many Android devices from most of the well known manufactures. In order to be sure that this application supports your device, go to the Kingo Root website and see all the compatible manufactures.

Enabling USB Debugging

After you’ve installed the Kingo Root app on your computer, you will be able to use it to root the Android device. To do this, you will need to connect the Android device to your computer via the USB cable. In order to do this, you will need to enable the USB debugging on your Android device by going to Settings->About Phone and by tapping on the “Build Number” seven times. After that, you will see a new feature called “Developer Options” and by tapping on it, you will see the “USB Debugging” option.

Enable the “USB Debugging” option and connect your Android device to your PC via an USB cable.

root android device

Start The Rooting Process

After you plug your Android device into your computer, Kingo Root application will find it and it will install drivers for it (if necessary). You will notice a pop-up display, asking you to install a new device and if this happens, you will need to tap on the “Install” button.

After that, a new message will pop-up and you will need to select “Always allow from this computer”. Make sure that you select this option, because otherwise, the Kingo application will display an error, saying that your device is offline.

After the drivers are updated, the Kingo Root will connect and recognize your mobile device. The Kingo Root logo will display on the screen of the Android gadget you want to root which confirms that the mobile device is connected to the computer. Get back to the computer and you will also see a warning for rooting your device. Now you will need to click on “Root” to begin the rooting process.

The Kingo Root application will now start the rooting procedure, which leaves you to do other things, such as drinking a coffee. It will also display a list of things that the app is currently doing, which you can keep an eye on.

Keep in mind that your device will also restart several times, but that should not worry you as this is perfectly normal. Once your device is rooted, the Kingo Root application will display a page which confirms that everything went great, without any problems and that your device has been successfully rooted.

How To Root Your Android Device Without A Computer

There are also other ways to root your device without even needing a computer. All you will need to do is to enable the “Unknown Sources” options by going to your device’s Settings->Applications or Settings->Security and check the box in front of it.

After that, you will need to download and install “Towelroot” on your mobile device. Once the application is installed, you will need to follow the instructions to root your device.

Have you managed to root your Android device? Tell us how you did it!

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