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Helpful Tips For Getting Someone Into Gaming

Although videogames are an incredible art form, being a passionate gamer can sometimes be lonely. You probably have a lot of friends you love to bits, but who just don’t get your passion. If you’ve ever wanted to get your friends or family into gaming, then you’re not alone! It’s not easy, but converting “casuals” is certainly possible. Here are some tips to help!

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First of all, know their interests and exploit them! This may involve you having to get games you absolutely loathe, but stay strong! With the sheer size of the gaming industry at the moment, you’ll easily be able to find a title which fits in with the interests they have already. If your gamer loves music, then a game from the Guitar Hero series could be right up their alley. Or, if they’re a movie lover, then go for a game with a deep, immersive story line. Sports fans are probably the easiest. There are countless sports titles you can pick out like FIFA16 available on SEA Gamer Mall. No matter who they are, your prospective convert will have a game that grabs their interest from the beginning.

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My next tip is to start off slow. I’m sure you can tell which games are made for gamers, and which are geared towards a wider market. For most non-gamers, the casual arena is the place to start. Things like Angry Birds and Stupid Zombies are fantastic choices. This is not only because they’re easy to play, but compatible with devices your prospect probably has already. Aside from that, they’re exceptionally addictive! If your friend or family member gets sucked in enough, soon they’ll get bored and want to move onto something with more challenge. This is when you invite them over to play some serious titles. I know it can be hard to watch them fail so badly, but keep at it! Don’t get too caught up in your favourite title if they’re not enjoying it though.

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By now, your prospect would have had enough exposure to games to see the light! If they play a great title with you, that’s usually all it takes. Soon they’ll be researching what they’ve found, and developing their own little obsession! Now, your job is to maintain their interest. Help them get to grips with whatever AAA game they’ve started on, and keep offering them tips and advice. Then, try to get them onto a title that’s similar. Without being too pushy, bring their gaming up regularly and ask about how it’s going. One of the most common things which chases new gamers away is getting stuck on a certain part of a game. If you sense this happening with your prospect, then rush to the rescue! After enough of this, they’ll start doing all the work for you!

Follow these tips, and soon you’ll have a fresh new gaming buddy to play with. I’ll leave you with this warning; don’t get too caught up in your own gain! You probably know how addictive and damaging games can be to the wrong person.

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