Have Those Files Really Gone For Good?


There comes a time when we might want to delete old files on our computer. After all, we might not need them in our life anymore. And they might just pose a risk to our security if they are just sitting around on the computer! But a lot of people make vital errors when they are trying to get rid of their files. And rather than deleting them, they are still around to easily end up being viewed. In fact, if you put them in the recycle bin, they are often still hanging around in your hard drive! Therefore, here are some ways you can ensure those files are really gone for good.

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Use a tool like CCleaner or Eraser to bid them farewell

You might need something more than just your computer’s recycle bin to get rid of those files which contain sensitive data. Therefore, you might want to download a tool which can help you to bid farewell to those files for good. One tool you can download is CCleaner. You can direct it to certain areas like a folder to clear out the data. Not only will it ensure you say goodbye to the files for good, but you will have extra space free once it’s done. Or you might want to opt for the free tool Eraser. It overwrites the file and ensures it’s gone for good. In fact, you might want to overwrite it several times so that when you do put it in your trash bin, no one will be able to view it! And while these are both designed for Windows, there are similar tools out there for Apple computers too!

Erase your hard drive

Erasing your hard drive is a good option if you are moving on to a new hard drive and have old files which contain sensitive information. After all, there are so many things now like hard drive readers which could mean someone could access those old files even after you have taken the hard drive out of the machine. And then your important documents could end up in the wrong hands. Therefore, to ensure those files are gone for good, you might want to erase it with hard drive degaussers. One of these completely erases everything that is on the hard drive so your documents will be gone for good. Then you can just work on destroying the hard drive using some form of crushing device!

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Reinstall windows on your computer

You can also say goodbye to your old files by starting again with your computer. After all, you can do a clean install of windows and lose your old files. In fact, you might want to move the files off onto an external hard drive or USB before you decide to uninstall windows. And then you will feel happier when you reinstall it that you have a clear drive. Of course, remember that it’s just the primary drive that will be affected when you uninstall windows. So if you have important documents lying around in other drives, you will have to go through these separately!

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And remember to clean the registry every so often. It will not only get rid of old files, but it will stop your computer being so sluggish.