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Great Gadgets For A Brilliant Business Meeting

If you believe the stories about business meetings, you might think all you need is a client and a pitch. The truth is that you need a lot more if you want to make your pitch stick. The days of men schmoozing in meeting rooms don’t exist any more, and you have to move with the times. For a brilliant meeting to secure new business, you need all the latest gadgets. Gadgets don’t have to be flashy or ostentatious because they only need to add value. Once you add value, you have them in the palm of your hand. Here is a list of gadgets that will turn your next meeting into a definite success.

Portable Projector

Projectors are very popular nowadays, and for good reason. Sure, they have flaws and you have to know how to use them properly. But, as long as you, a projector will help you deliver a world-class pitch. The trick is to use one sparingly. Bright lights and long text will start to hurt the client’s eye and bore them. So, you should bullet point your presentation and use animations to keep them alert. What’s so great about a projector is you can’t do it with any other piece of tech. A paper handout certainly won’t have the same effect.

Micro Voice Recorder

The first thing to mention is that the voice recorder is not for snooping purposes. You are not trying to garner illicit information or catch people in the act. A micro voice recorder is a lot more practical. Quite simply, it records the minutes of the meeting without the need to take notes. You might think this is arbitrary, but it makes a massive difference. For starters, you only have to focus on your main goal of delivering the presentation so there is no extra stress. Also, the information is only a click away and is storable on your computer. Just make sure everyone in the room is okay with the recording before you begin.

Charge Hub

A usual business meeting won’t just focus on one subject. There might be a variety of subjects to discuss, so everyone in the room will need to consult their phones throughout. After all, the information is there and easy to consult on a smartphone. Obviously, the last thing you or your clients need is to run out of battery. Not only is it annoying, but it could jeopardise the meeting. To ensure it never happens, invest in a charge hub. The hub allows multiple phones to charge at once so you never have to worry about being offline.


Technically, Skype isn’t a gadget in the same sense of the others. Still, it is just as important. Thanks to Skype’s technology, you can converse with clients all around the world. It isn’t unusual for a client to attend a meeting without being in the room. Clearly, they can’t do that without video call technology, which is why you need the software. There are plenty now, but Skype has always been the leader in the field.



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