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Google Photos for iPhone – Improved Features and Bug Fixes

Google Photos is available for iPhones and can be downloaded from the App Store. After installing Google Photos, you will need to sign into your Google Account to get started. It is good to know that you will be able to switch between multiple accounts, which is one of the things that iCloud Photos can’t do.

Google Photos gives you access to the recent pictures that you’ve taken and has a fast scrolling button, which will help you to find your pictures very fast.

Search and Backup

Without a doubt, one of the biggest pluses that Google Photos comes with is the possibility to back up photos forever, for free! At the same time, all the photos are synced between devices. This is great in case you are using a tablet when you’re staying at home and you want to show your friends some pictures that you’ve taken with your smartphone. You can access the pictures via the web also! On the other hand, Apple gives you 5GB of space to store pictures, and after that, you will need to buy space if you want to upload more pictures.

Google will re size the pictures if they’re larger than 16 mega pixels. So, if you have a smartphone with a 20MP camera, your pictures will get resized and they will lose some quality.

Using Google Photos, you will be able to scroll through all your photos grouped by time period. By tapping on the magnifying glass, a search fill will pop-up, where you can put your query in and Google will return with what it thinks is relevant to what you’ve searched. The search feature will also look on the information you’ve attached to the photos.

For example, if you search for “cow”, Google will search for pictures that have cows in them. If you know you’ve taken a nice picture with a dog, you can always search for “dog” and you will find it with ease.

Google Photos also features people search it will recognize faces from all your pictures. For example, if you have some old photos of your friend, the application will still detect him/her after uploading a new picture with him/her. It seems that Google’s face detection uses its own technology, which works flawlessly.

Google will also sort your pictures to the place they were taken. For example, if you have a few pictures taken in Paris, at the Eiffel Tower, it will group all the pictures taken in that place.

Google Photos iPhone 2

The Assistant and Sharing

Google Photos comes with basic image editing tools, such as cropping. You can also create a movie, album, animation, collage or even a story from the pictures you’ve taken. Stores are interactive timelines of videos and images that you can explore from the left to the right. Animations are GIF like animations made from two or more pictures. To assemble these collections together is quite simple, thanks to Google’s new tap and drag feature, which allows you to select multiple files. You will also be able to set a preset music for movies, but unfortunately you can’t control for how long the images will appear on the screen in the animation, only their size and position.

Google Photos Assistant will also create collections for you. This is a great for people who don’t want to waste time on doing managing them, or they just lack of the creative spirit. You will receive alerts that the Assistant has made a new “masterpiece”, sometimes it will be a collage, or an animation.

Is Google Photos good?

We can definitely say that Google Photos has a very strong core. In addition, the application allows you to upload unlimited photos. However, we remind you that if the pictures have more than 16 mega pixels, they will be resized, which means that they will lose some quality.

Google Photos comes with an easy and clean interface, which we’re pretty sure will be enjoyed by most of the users. On the other hand, when you want to search for a picture on the internet using the Google Image Search, there is a good chance you will not find the pictures you were looking for.

However, while searching for some photos that you have saved on the phone using Google Photos, the feature is pretty accurate and most of the times, you will find the photos you’ve been looking for. The Assistant feature is pretty annoying and comes with some poor results, it doesn’t feel like it saves you time while making the collage.

We’re pretty sure that Google Photos will be enjoyed by a lot of people, but we will agree that the developers who work for Google can do better than this. But, it’s obvious that they will continuously update this application as it is very popular already.

Have you tested out Google Photos yet? What are your thoughts on it?

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