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Google Chrome Receives Powerful Updates for the Address Bar

Google Chrome remains the most used web browser on the planet, and the devs responsible for it plan to continue on that glorious path. There’s no wonder why Google just announced in a blog post the implementation of important updates for the browser’s address bar.

The purpose is, obviously, to provide a better experience for the users. Google Chrome is already 15 years old, as it first came out back in 2008 for Windows PCs. As for nowadays, it’s practically impossible to imagine our lives without Google Chrome!

Suggesting popular websites

Google Chrome will suggest, thanks to the new update, popular websites even if you’ve mistyped the link or never visited them in the first place. Perhaps everyone makes mistakes when typing at least once in a while, and Google knows that very well. For instance, if you type ‘googleear,’ the browser will suggest the ‘google earth’ result.

Searching within bookmark folders

If you’re like most Google Chrome users, you like to bookmark a lot of web pages. Therefore, it can become a bit difficult to find the one that interests you, which is why Google is once again eager to help. Chrome has also made it possible to search within the bookmark folders directly from the address bar. All you have to do is include the folder name in one of your searches, and suggestions will immediately appear.

Autocompletion is smarter

With the new update, the address bar in Chrome will autocomplete URLs based on the words the user has previously used in his searches for a website. For instance, if you searched for the term “flights” in the past and ended up on Google Flights, the Chrome browser will autocomplete the link for Google Flights as soon as you search for “flights” again.

Faster and easier-to-read results

The address bar in Chrome has also become easier to read and more responsive due to an improved visual layout.

Automatic typo corrections

Once again, everybody makes mistakes when typing, and Google is there to lend a hand to these sloppy folks. The automatic typo correction feature is also available to fix bad writing in case you’re in a hurry.

Google Chrome holds 63.45% of the global browser market, which makes the app the most used web browser worldwide, according to Stat Counter. Safari is the second most used browser, having a market share of 20.48%. Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox reach the maximum browser market share of 4.97% and 2.76%, respectively.

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