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Game Full Screen Problem – How can I run games full screen on a widescreen laptop: Fixed

Game Full Screen Problem – How can I run games full screen on a widescreen laptop: Fixed Most of the people buy laptops for playing games. Everyone loves to play computer games. It is the best way to pass your time. Teenagers and children are just crazy for games. But this craziness goes ruin when they come across Game Full Screen problem. This is caused due to inability of adaptable monitors. From the last couple of years, laptop companies are launching widescreen monitors. Due to its high screen display, many games are not compatible with it. When a game is launched, two black bars appears on the screen (as shown in the below image). This creates interrupt in the fun of playing games. Everybody thinks how to fix this problem and run games full screen on a widescreen laptop. So, I will tell you how to run games full screen on a widescreen laptop.

how can I run games fullscreen in a widescreen laptop
Full screen game problem in widescreen desktop/laptop

If You are facing the above problem while playing game, then you can fix this problem by two procedures. I’m gonna discuss both the procedure with you in this article. Your Game full screen problem will be fixed and you can enjoy playing games without any interruption after then.

how can I run games fullscreen in a widescreen laptop: fixed
Full screen game problem in widescreen desktop/laptop: Fixed

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Game Full Screen Problem – How can I run games full screen on a widescreen laptop: Fixed (Procedures)

First Procedure

  • Go to ATI Catalyst settings of your video driver application.

ATI catalyst video driver application

  • Now go to Desktops and displays as shown in the above image.
  • Now go to Desktop Management and then click on desktop properties.
  • Now change the resolution from 1366×768 to 1280×720. (If you do not have these resolution then choose the lower one).

procedure-to-change-the resolution
Procedure to change the resolution

  • Save and exit.
  • Now again go to your ATI Catalyst settings.
  • Go to Desktop and Displays and then Properties My built-in-displays.
  • You will now find three scaling options – 1. Preserve aspect ratio  2. full screen  3. centred.
  • Select “full screen” option, press enter and then exit.

Scaling-full screen
Scaling full Screen

  • Now go to your desktop, right click and press “personalize”.
  • Click “Display” option.
  • Go to display resolution and select the resolution to max. i.e.1366×768 (as it was earlier).
  • Save it and exit.

NOTE: There may be different options and interface for your video driver catalyst. So opt for the best suited options and settings as per the above procedure.

Now you can play games full screen. There will be no two bars at both sides of your display screen.

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Second procedure

  • Download ATI GPU Scaling Fix tool. Download it from here.
  • Click on the software after unzipping it (unzip it from Winrar). A window will appear on your screen as given in the below image.

ATI GPU scaling tool window

  • Click on the second option “Scale image to full panel size”.
  • Now, your game will run in full screen. You do not need to do every time. It has been automatically set for the future use also.

NOTE: This procedure best works in Window 7. There may be chances of lags in other Windows.

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