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Game: flappy bird apk file download | score high in flappy bird.

Flappy bird free apk download: flappy bird is new entertainment game in google play store. In this article I will give you download link for flappy bird apk file, game play and how to score high in flappy bird. It’s a game for all age groups.

Gameplay: flappy bird is a side scrolling, 2 dimensional game suitable for age groups.  Simple UI and extremely difficult gameplay. At first it seems to look quite simple on other side quiet frustrating. You only need to tap your device screen to let the bird fly. I think every one of you have played a game on computer named copter in which you have to keep helicopter fly and avoid obstacles. In this also you have to keep your bird fly to avoid obstacles. Only difference is that in copter you have to click mouse button to let helicopter fly while in flappy bird you need to tap the screen of your device.

flappy bird apk file free download

Flappy bird game created by Vietnamese developer named Dong Nyugen. Initially flappy bird was launched for I phones and I pad’s but recently it made an entry into Google play store.

Now play flappy bird in pc also online and offline both.

How to play flappy bird:

Just need to tap the screen to flap your wings to fly.

Avoid pipes

Achieve 4 medals bronze, silver, gold and platinum based on difficulty level

How to score high in flappy bird game

It is perfectly said that practice makes the man perfect. Believe me while writing this article to give you flappy bird apk and high score I tried game at least 20 times. Still my highest score is 12 (very embarrassing). Experts say that if you want to score high in flappy bird just play game patiently.  Don’t push the bird too fast.  At times you will lose temper and get frustrated so take a break.

flappy bird apk file download

Main factor which makes this game addictive is its difficult gameplay (although it looks so simple) and to get score higher than your friend.  You will not accept that you are performing poor in a simple game like this.

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As far graphics are concerned it looks like an 8 bit game with a ping of sound when your player hits a pipe or crossed it safely.

Flappy bird apk download for free from link given below.

flappy bird apk file free download

Download flappy bird apk

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Install flappy bird on your android phone after downloading its apk file from link given


  • Once you have downloaded apk file of flappy bird connect your smart phone with your pc.


  • Transfer flappy bird apk file to your mobile or tablet


  • Search for transferred file with help of any file explorer like es file explorer.


  • Click on the apk file folder to install the game



I hope you will like my article to download flappy bird game apk and score high  in the game.

So just start downloading and beat your friends score. Do share your score with us mine is 182 😀 😛



Rishabh Pant is a passionate writer and blogger. He is pursuing engineering in electronics and communication from GGSIPU University. In his free time, he loves to watch movies and play PC games.


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