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Free Travel Applications To Use On The Road

There are a lot of people who like road trips. They surely take a while to get from a place to another, but they can be quite fun and you can learn and visit a lot of places on the way.

According to some statistics provided by Bridgestone, in 2015 almost 90 percent of the American adults will take a summer road trip. In 2014, there were only 83 percent who took a summer road trip, which means that there are more and more people who enjoy these kinds of activities.

However, to plan a road trip is different from planning another type of travel (e.g. by plane or by train). There a lot of things that can happen on the road. Your car can break down or the weather could not be in your favor, which means that you could not get in time to a destination.

So, today we’re going to give you some free travel applications that you will be able to use on your summer road trip.

Google Maps

Google Maps is without any doubts one of the most used applications. Any driver that needs directions from a town to another should use this application. Google Maps will also detect upcoming traffic, accidents and will always find another route to get faster from a place to another. The application will also help you to find a restaurant, coffee shop or anything you can think of. So, in case you are in a town that you don’t know at all, don’t worry, because Google Maps will be your guide.

Google Maps is available on Web, Android and iOS.



There comes a time when you will need to refuel and you will surely want to have the GasBuddy installed on your smartphone. This application will help you to find the best gas station based on your location. Let’s face it, you’d prefer to save a couple of bucks by driving a little farther down the road.

This GasBuddy application is available for Android, Windows Phone, Web, BlackBerry and iOS.

Field Trip

Field Trip

Field Trip is an application developed by Google and it is able to look for places that are around you. Based on categories, you will be able to select your location and you will notice that some cards will pop-up on your smartphone when you are close to a location that you most likely will want to visit.

In case you are driving and you have the smartphone connected to an audio device, you will hear some alerts instead.

The application is available for both Android and iOS.



Gogobot is another application that you will love using while traveling. Using Gogobot, you will find places to eats, play and stay. There are a lot of users who are using Gogobot who are making reviews of those locations and are they’re even uploading photos about them.

Gogobot is available on Web, Android and iOS.



As we’ve told you above, in road trips, you will never know if you will get on time to a location. So, in case you’ve made some reservations to a hotel and you’re not there on time, you will most likely lose the money (in case you’ve paid ahead). Well, don’t worry about this, because Roomer is the application that will help you sell your pre-paid reservations to people who can use them for you. This way, you will be able to recoup some of the money you’ve paid for the room.

In addition, in case you need a hotel room, you can check if there is someone who is trying to “sell” a hotel room at a cheap price.



iExit is another useful road trip application that will inform you what services are available at the upcoming highway exits. By using your location, iExit will look at the upcoming high exists and will give you a list of hotels, gas stations, restaurants and more. You can also mark as favorite some favorite restaurant chain or other service you like and iExit application will let you know if that particular restaurant chain or service will be available at the upcoming highway exits.

iExit is available for Android and iOS.



After opening Roadtrippers, you will need to insert your start location and destination location, the date when you’re traveling and what you want to find on the way. This application will gather information of the route you’re about to take and it will find you the best museums, amusement parks, camp sites, offbeat attractions, restaurants and more. In case you find a location that you like, add it to your trip and the application will redraw the travel map.

Roadtrippers application is available for Web, Android and iOS.

Road trips will surely get more and more used nowadays. We all want a bit of adventure and these road trips can be unpredictable, and not always in the bad way. In a road trip, you will be able to stop whenever you want, wherever you want and for how long you want. This way, you will never be in rush to get to a place or to another and you will live the moment.

Have you ever been in a road trip before?

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