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Free Download Candy Crush Saga apk- Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Hacks

There is no introduction needed for Candy Crush Saga Game. Candy Crush Saga is not a new word for the android game lovers. It is a game which has broken all the records. It is available for free on Android and iOS platform. Though, it is said that it a free game but it charges dollar to unlock lives. When you are left with empty lives, it prompts you to buy a whole set of lives or wait till 24 hours. Since, it is an addictive game, people are left with no choice but to buy it. Therefore, I’m gonna share a step by step detailed guide on Free Download Candy Crush Saga apk- Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Hacks.

Free Download Candy Crush Saga apk Tips Tricks Cheats Hacks

Although, Candy Crush Saga Game is a simple game at the starting but it gets tougher with the increasing level. As the level increases, the harder it gets with tricky techniques and game-play. Thus, there are lots of limitations in the game which can stop you from playing it until you buy it. And that’s how, the game developers have decided to earn money from the game. So, if you are finding it hard to wait till the re-launching time of the game, then you can give a  brief look to the guide for Candy Crush Saga – tips, tricks, cheats and hacks.

Free Download Candy Crush Saga game apk:

Free Download Candy Crush Saga apk Tips Tricks Cheats Hacks
_Candy Crush Game Icon_

If you want to download apk file of Candy Crush Saga game, then just click on the below link and install in your android device.

Download link of Candy Crush Saga game apk file.

You can also Install Candy Crush Saga Game from Google play store. Click the below link to install it in your android device via Google Play Store.

Google Play Store link of Candy Crush Saga game.

Installation guide of Candy Crush Saga game apk:

If you don’t know how to install Candy Crush Saga game apk, then follow the below guide.

  • Connect your android smartphone to your desktop or laptop and enable USB transfer.
  • Copy and paste the apk file of Candy Crush Saga game which you have downloaded from this post, in your phone memory or SD card memory.
  • Now, disconnect your android smartphone.
  • Use your file explorer and go to the apk file.
  • Click on it to start the installation.
  • Wait for a while till the installation procedure completes.

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Candy Crush Saga Game – Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Hacks:

Free Download Candy Crush Saga apk Tips Tricks Cheats Hacks

Candy Crush Saga is an enjoyable game with lots of colorful jellies, beans and candies. Don’t let the lack of lives come in between your fun. Just follow this tips. I’m sure you will be overwhelmed after following the below information. Here are some tips, tricks, cheats and hacks for Candy Crush Saga game that would surely help you to score more than before.

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Tips to play Candy Crush Saga Game:

  • The first tip I’m gonna share with you is “Always look for special candies”. Power candies are the special candies. Have a keen look at the special candies while playing any level in the game. These special candies or power candies help you in many ways. It helps you to boost the score with a great difference. Therefore, you should always hunt for them.
  • At each game level, whether you got limited turns or not, you should never waste any turn. Always have a brief thought before making any moves in the game. This is how you are gonna prepare yourself for the coming harder levels.
  • Each chapter when ended, leaves you with some special boosters for free. Make use of them wisely at demanding levels. There are some (about 1 or 2) levels in each chapter that are really hard. So, use those boosters at these levels instead of wasting them at random levels.

Tricks to play Candy Crush Saga Game:

  • To get Power candies or special candies at instant, match four or five candies all together.
  • There is a super powerful candy in the game. It creates a boom in the present state of the game. Super Powerful candy clears all the candies and jellies coming in their way in both horizontal and vertical directions. During the misery level where you need to clear up many jellies, look for the super powerful candies only. If you want to get super powerful candy at instant, match two special candies all together. So, try to bring the special candies at neighbour.
  • There is also a colour bomb in the game. It is used to clear the candies of multiple rows in a single turn. To get colour bomb at instant, match five candies all together.

Cheats & Hacks to play Candy Crush Saga Game:

When you are left with no lives, you are asked to buy a whole set of lives in the game. Instead of buying lives, go for the below cheats and hacks to save your money.

  • You can ask for lives from your Facebook friends. Yes, the Candy Crush Saga game have got Facebook integration. Just apply this simple cheat to get the lives for free.
  • There is also a simple hack that would help you to get the whole set of lives once again, for a while. Just change the time of your device 24 hours forward, reboot it and all your lives would be regained. But as soon as you set the original time in your device, it will come to its real state. So, you can enjoy the fun for some while only.

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These were some tips, tricks, cheats and hacks of Candy Crush Saga Game. I wish you would surely be overwhelmed after using these techniques. If you like this article or find it interesting, do share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Thank you. 🙂

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