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How to Fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome Browser – Causes and Solutions

How to Fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome Browser – Causes and Solutions: It is about a week ago that one of my friend was suffering from the SSL Connection Error in his Google Chrome browser. He just could not open his Gmail account or Facebook account due to this error. Finally, trying all the tweaks and stuff… he came to me with it. Although, I had an idea of this error from earlier but I had never any idea of how to fix it. At first, I was like what the f**k is this, How is that possible? A person can perform all activities on internet without any problem but cannot open some websites and that too the most used ones. I was totally confused and could not come out with a fix. So, I googled it but unfortunately there was no clear help. Hence, I decided to do some research on Google Chrome SSL connection error and write a blog on this topic. I learnt the root of this problem and finally come out with some successful solutions. If you are also facing the same SSL connection error in your browser then you have come at the right place. Here, I have explained about SSL, causes and detailed procedure to fix SSL Connection error in your Google Chrome Browser.

SSL Connection error in Google Chrome
_SSL Connection error in Google Chrome_

What is SSL Connection error in Google Chrome:

SSL means Secure Socket Layers. SSL is an internet protocol that ensures privacy protection in many websites. It is used for safe data transmission in case of password login or confidential account information. Hence, the Google chrome browser has in-built default certificate list of various SSLs. As default, the settings in Google chrome is selected as medium, nor too strict neither too open. If there is some mismatch withing this list of SSL certificates, the SSL connection error arises.

Causes of SSL Connection error in Google Chrome Browser:

  • If there is a problem in CMS battery i.e. if there is a mismatch date and time in your system.
  • If SSL certificate is untrusted.
  • If the SSL certificate is not issued by a trusted certificate authority.
  • If there is a SSL certificate name mismatch error.
  • If you are behind Corporate firewall and you are trying to use a htpps:// websites.
  • If the page contains both secure and non secure items.
  • If there is a culprit antivirus which is scanning encrypted connections.

Solutions to Fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome Browser:

There are many solutions of how to fix SSL connection error in Google Chrome Browser depending on your system and situation. Just follow the below procedures one by one and see which one works for you.

Solution 1 – Change the date and time correctly:

Most often SSL connection error in Google Chrome browser arises due to mismatch date and time. It is because when you open a website (especially account websites like Gmail or Facebook), it tracks the location, date and time of your system. If there is a mismatch in the information, it blocks the certification from your system. So, just correct your date and time and relaunch the Google Chrome browser.

Solution 2 – Change the settings of culprit antivirus:

Normally, antivirus like Kaspersky and BitDefender blocks the conflict certificates and show SSL connection error in the browser. This was the case of my friend and was resolved successfully. He was using Kaspersky antivirus. So, just change the settings of the antivirus. Follow the below procedure to change it:

  • Close all internet browsers. Open your antivirus control panel. In my case, it was Kaspersky antivirus.
  • Click on “Settings”. Go to “Advanced Settings” tab and click on “Network”.
  • Under the “Encrypted connections scan“, uncheck the “Scan encrypted settings”.
  • Click Apply and OK.
  • Now, relaunch your browser and open the desired website.

Fix SSL Connection error - Kaspersky Antivirus
_Fix SSL Connection error – Kaspersky Antivirus_

Solution 3 – Tweak Google Chrome Browser:

This proposed solution is actually a fix and does not solve the root of the problem. Just follow the below steps to tweak Google Chrome Browser:

  • Right click on the Shortcut file of Google Chrome at your desktop.
  • Choose Properties. A new window will appear on your screen.
  • You would see a field named “Target”. Just Tweak that i.e modify it. Add the below code in front as show in the below image.


  • Click on OK and save it.
  • Now, open the browser and and the desired website.

How to Fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome Browser
_Fix SSL Connection error – Google Chrome Shortcut_

If this solution does not help you then follow the below solution.

Solution 4 – Change the settings of Internet in Google Chrome Browser:

Generally, the SSL error message comes when some of the elements of a secure webpage are not loaded by secure sources. This error comes mostly in frames, JavaScript and images. There are three possible to solve SSL error by changing the settings of internet:

1. Change all URLs to https:

If you are opening htttp:// then change it to and then open it.

2. Change all links to //or make them relative:

If you are opening img src=”, replace it with img src=”//”.

3.  Change the SSL settings in browser:

  • Open Google Chrome. Press “Customize and control Google Chrome” option.

Customize and Control Google Chrome Option
_Customize and Control Google Chrome Option_

  • Click on ” Settings”.
  • A new window of Google Chrome settings will open. Scroll down and click on “Show advanced settings”.
  • Now, scroll down. You will see a tab of “Change Proxy Settings” under Network. Click on it.

Change Proxy Settings option
_Change Proxy Settings option_

  • A new window of Internet Properties will open in your screen.
  • Choose “Security” tab.  Set Security level zone as medium. If it is selected as before then leave it.
  • Choose “Privacy” tab. Set Internet zone as medium. If it is selected as before then leave it.
  • Now, choose “Content” tab. Click on “Clear SSL state” and press OK.

Fix SSL Connection error in Google Chrome - Clear SSL State option
_Fix SSL Connection error in Google Chrome – Clear SSL State option_

  • Now, relaunch the browser and open the desired website.

If this method also does not help you the follow the below browser settings:

  • Open Google Chrome. Press “Customize and control Google Chrome” option.
  • Click on ” Settings”
  • A new window of Google Chrome settings will open. Scroll down and click on “Show advanced settings”.
  • Now, scroll down. You will see a tab of “Manage Certificates”. Click on it.

Manage Certificates option in Google Chrome
_Manage Certificates option in Google Chrome_

  • A new window of certificates will open. Just import the desire certificate and relaunch the browser.

Import Certificates option in Google Chrome
_Import Certificates option in Google Chrome_

  • That’s it. Now open your desired website.

This were the methods to fix SSL Connection error in your Google chrome Browser. If you have any query or problem  related to this article then feel free to contact me by commenting below. If you like this article the return us the favor by sharing it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Thank you. 🙂

Ayan Das is one of the owner and creative head of . He is a part time writer, keen blogger and an occasional website designer. He is pursuing engineering in electronics and communication from GGSIPU University. He is a tech lover and always fond of learning new things.


  1. Hello! I’m having this SSL error problem on my laptop and I’ve tried all the methods you suggested but none of them and I still can’t access facebook…. I also have this threat as kapersky has notified me but it keeps telling me to boot my laptop to disinfect it. I did but the next time I open my laptop it’s still there…. Please help me! If there’s another way to overcome this problem then I’d be happy to know it! Thanks in advance!

    • Hello!! Nadiah,
      Uninstall your antivirus and then run Facebook. If it works fine then reinstall the antivirus after a while. SSL error would be fixed now. If it doesn’t work then give me suitable feedback.

      • Dear Ayan,

        Good morning! Thanks for your expertise. Unfortunately, I have also tried all the aforementioned tips but none has working. The last one…I was trying the Certificate Import Wizard but the next thing would be File Name to browse. What should I put there as my only aim is to open my Facebook.

        Thanks in advance.


  2. How to import website that u mentioned in last option ?I think wrting in a txt and just import are anything else

  3. This laptop doesn’t belong to me so I can’t change the settings or download any material. The laptop allows me on YouTube, but doesn’t let me log in even though I logged in just fine yesterday.

  4. Hi
    Thank you for your tips it worked!!! Finally especially typing in the https before getting into my website.
    Thanks again 🙂

  5. hii….i am getting this problem for only and things related to google like gmail,google search etc. All other websites are getting open. And above written methods also didn’t work. Tell me something else i should try.

  6. My Hotmail account was hit by this about 2 weeks ago. It was solved by deleting the shortcut (to and replacing it with a shortcut: No problems so far….! If you have a account, then don’t access it via that url; use instead. Microsoft are not updating the SSL certificate on their Hotmail website, so this ‘privacy error’ will start appearing. Hope this helps.

  7. THANK YOU! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU! It saved me from paying someone a base fee when all I needed to do was change the date and time!!!!


  8. I’m getting the SSL connection error when I try to pay my electric bill online through, I’ve tried everything you mentioned and can’t find any certificates for the site when searching for them…please help!

  9. Hi Ayan,

    I’m having an SSL error when logging into Outlook 2013. How do I go about sorting out this error? Error states as follows: –
    Security Alert for heart-of-business

    The information you exchange with this site can’t be viewed or changed
    by others However there is a problem with the sites security certificate.

    Internal error loading SSL libraries

    This site should not be trusted.

    Can you point me in the right direction please Ayan.
    Many thanks.

    • Did you followed the methods mentioned in the article. Try deactivating your antivirus. If it also does not help then try using Google DNS. Hope it helps!!

  10. Hi

    I am having this issue on my Samsung Note 2. not sure what to do. All the above mentioned was for laptops and computers from what I could see


  11. Wondered if you could help me please!? Iv got this coming up when I try to go on facebook! The problem is I’m on my phone (samsung) so can’t work out how to do most of the things u have suggested lol thanks 🙂

  12. Hi,

    I have uninstalled something from my laptop after that, I found ssl error in Google chrome in my laptop. Then I uninstalled Google chrome also. Now, I want to download it again, but it stops at 99%. I tried to download so any things, but everything stops at 99% or 1 sec remaining. Please help me what should I do?



        I have just spent 2 hours around a friends house solving an SSL connection issue. This issue was affecting all SSL secure sites, including access to PayPal. The screen came up with a SSL connection error, that initially looked like the internet had dropped out. But most other websites loaded fine. Very Strange. I have never seen anything like this and it took me a while to work it out. However, I did get it cracked eventually. It turned out to be quite simple to fix. I imagine this issue is causing people a lot of issues, so I thought I would share how to solve the problem.

        This is a worrying issue because it apparently established itself. I wonder whether an automatic update was to responsible for this SSL connection issue. This issue was apparent in both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, here’s how I fixed both of them.

        To Fix Firefox

        To fix this issue, first download the latest version of Firefox as a download file on your computer. Then you may want to backup your bookmarks. Go to BOOKMARKS, SHOW ALL BOOKMARKS, IMPORT AND BACKUP, BACKUP and save your bookmarks file to an easy to access file folder. You are going to need to uninstall Firefox completely, and then re-install it. Merely updating to the latest version of firefox, will not solve this issue. Go to START, CONTROL PANEL, PROGRAMS, UNINSTALL A PROGRAM, find Firefox. Uninstall completely. Once uninstalled, find the download file you just downloaded a moment ago (Normally in the Downloads section, go to START, COMPUTER, and its in the top left corner under Favourites.) Launch the FireFox setup file to re-install FireFox from scratch back on to your computer. This will solve the issue.

        To Fix Internet Explorer

        You may want to backup your bookmarks before starting this procedure. Once you’ve done this click on the cog/gear wheel in the upper right of the internet explorer window, and go to Internet Options. Go to the Advanced tab on the top right hand corner. At the bottom of this page is an option to Reset Internet Explorer Settings. Click the Reset button, this will bring up an “are you sure screen”, click on reset to confirm the reset. You will need to close and re-open the internet explorer application after resetting. This should solve the issue.

        If for some reason this does not work. You will need to roll back to an earlier version of windows (my friend was running IE 9 on an old XP machine) and then do the above RESET procedure again.

        It turns out you can’t actually find Internet Explorer as a PROGRAM to uninstall the same way as any other application. Thanks very much for that Microsoft by the way! So to roll back to an earlier version of windows, you need to uninstall an Internet Explorer Update. To do this go to START, ALL PROGRAMS, and go to WINDOWS UPDATE. Click on VIEW UPDATE HISTORY, At the top of this page is a link to INSTALLED UPDATED. Click on this. Depending on the speed of your computer, this may take a while to load up fully. Go down to the section for MICROSOFT WINDOWS. In that section somewhere you will find a file that says WINDOWS INTERNET EXPLORER, followed by a version number. Click on this, go to the top part of the page and click on UNINSTALL. Follow this through to roll back to windows 8. You will need to reboot your whole computer, or do a full shutdown, and then turn it back on again. When it loads up, it probably will have rolled back to Version 8.

        Once you’ve done this click on the cog/gear wheel in the upper right of the internet explorer window, and go to Internet Options. Go to the Advanced tab on the top right hand corner. At the bottom of this page is an option to Reset Internet Explorer Settings. Click the Reset button, this will bring up an “are you sure screen”, click on reset to confirm the reset. You will need to close and re-open the internet explorer application after resetting. This should solve the issue.


  13. hey bro i still having this ssl problem ..i dont have any antivirus in my laptop.. i talk to connection provider but they told me that ur pc was configure in another country and now i m using it in my country so they told u have problem in ur pc configurationn.. actually i bought this laptop in usa and now i m in pakistan .. so can u tell me how to solve ssl problem by configuration..?

    • I am sure there is some problem with your time zone. Try changing it to your default time zone and the problem would be solved . 🙂

  14. Hey Ayan, I tried all above methods but still facing same problem that is SSL Error. Can you fix it via team viewer I will really appreciate and will compensate your time.
    From West Palm Beach Florida

    • Hello Haider,
      Try removing the cache of your browser or re-install your browser. If this does not solve the issue then I am worried about it as these were the only solutions to fix SSl error. If you still want to fix it, then format your system and reboot a fresh copy of Windows. If you still need any help, then feel free to ask me. Good day. 🙂

  15. I just recently had this problem and was very frustrated with what to do that didn’t involve potentially messing up my computer settings. I tried changing my Google settings as suggested and had no luck. Also I turned my anti-virus off and considered uninstalling both Chrome and Firefox browsers.
    Before I did that, I thought it worth a try to see if an extension could get rid of whatever it was that was making this happen. I installed Click & Clean, Privacy Fix and Zenmate Chrome. I believe Click & Clean did the trick – so I went over to my Firefox browser and installed Click & Clean and the Zenmate extensions. I could go to Google and everywhere else right after. It felt like a miracle and I’m keeping all of the extensions I added.
    I do wonder if there was a common site we have all been to? The last thing I remember doing before I started getting this error was watching a movie on YouTube.
    Anyway, I am so grateful to the people who post solutions to events like this and thought I would add my two cents in since it was an easy fix for me. I don’t know if I got lucky or what, but the extensions are worth a try before you do anything drastic. And you can remove them after if you don’t want them or they don’t work. I hope this helps someone and if not, my best wishes on finding something that will.

  16. Hey, my name is Jasmine. I have been trying to sign up for college housing and it does not work. But, every time I try to log in it would not let. So, I called and I have to change my password, but when I press submit this always pop up….. {“isSuccess”:”false”,”STATUS”:[{“SOURCE”:”ACTIVE DIRECTORY”,”SEVERITY”:”SEVERITY_HIGH”,”DISPLAY_MESSAGE”:”Incomplete data to process the operation.”,”TYPE”:”SUCCESS”}],”STATUS_KEY”:[“adssp.reset_unlock.accounts.rp_ua.error_incomplete_data”]} ……. do you happen to know what this mean? and sometime the SSL connection error pops up. I am not sure what to do next.

    • This is an error code. It means that the authentication of your account is failed due to incomplete data to process the operation. I guess it is either because you are entering incomplete data or there may be some problem with the sign up form of the website. Try contacting the website’s administrator and then troubleshoot it.

  17. I just want to thank you for the help. I just needed to fix my avast settings and stop it from scanning web pages. Thanks for the help

  18. Hey I got this SSL error problem with any website on Google Chrome and Firefox. I tried to change time zone and cleared the SSL cache, but the error appears again. Please help :'(

  19. Thanq very very much for the help it really worked thnx a lot my problem was kaspersky but are there any side effects if i apply it any risks plz do answer to this id (

    thnx you rock 😀


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