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How to Fix/Recover a Soft Brick Android Phone: Tutorial Guide

How to Fix/Recover a Soft Brick Android Phone: Many people prefer to flash a custom ROM in their android phones due to its versatile usability. Flashing a custom ROM allows a user to manipulate the system files and use it according to their need. It gives administrator privileges to a user.

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Now, getting back to the topic… Flashing a custom ROM on an android phone is somewhat a tricky business. In ever manner, people are warned to take precautions while rooting their android phone as you never know what would go wrong and even a false step could ruin your device. But this doesn’t stop people from experimenting with their android phones. People are longing to tweak, flash and explore the deepest point of their android phone. The fear of bricking the android phone does not concern them a lot. When a device gets bricked, it becomes a useless gadget. Although, you can recover  from a Soft Brick Android Phone.

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Soft brick is one of the classification of a Brick android phone. It is the situation when your android phone is unable to start due to software corruption. It is usually faced when you are trying to flash an incompatible ROM in your android device. Some of the symptoms of a Soft bricked android phones are:

  • If your android phone gets stuck on boot animation.
  • If your android phone gets stuck on vendor logo.
  • If you are experiencing boot looping.
  • If you android phone is not charging.

How to Fix/Recover a Soft Brick Android Phone Tutorial Guide

If you recently tried to flash a custom ROM in your android phone and is experiencing one of the above problems, then here is a tutorial guide to Fix/Recover a Soft Brick Android Phone.

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Method to Fix/Recover a Soft Brick Android Phone – Tutorial Guide:

Though, there are several methods to fix/recover a soft brick android phone but not every method works for every device. So, I would be mainly focusing on a common solution which works on most of the device i.e. Fastboot. You need to check if it works for you, if not, then I would advice you to use some other method. So, here is the step-by-step guide to fix/Recover a Soft Brick Android Phone via Fastboot method.

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How to Fix/Recover a Soft Brick Android Phone - fastboot method

How to fix/Recover a Soft Brick Android Phone via Fastboot method:

Step 1 – Download the SDK:

SDK is a tool kit which provides building, testing and debugging apps on android for developers. You can download it from it’s latest version for your platform i.e Windows, Mac or Linux. You would need a running PC to fix your Soft Brick android phone. Do not install the SDK once it is downloaded as you would only need one of its tool.

Step 2 – Boot device to Fastboot:

Now, boot your android device into Fastboot. You can do it by various key combination which may vary from device to device. For example, in a Nexus 6 device, you can boot into Fastboot by Pressing and holding Volume Down, then pressing and holding Power. So, opt the suitable method for your android model. If you don’t know the key combination of Flashboot of your android device, then search it on internet.

Step 3 – Locate Fastboot folder:

Now, extract the zip file you have downloaded in step 1. We will only need the Fastboot tool from the SDK kit which would be located in the “platformtools” subfolder of the SDK.

Step 4 – Check your commands:

Double click on the Fastboot icon on the platform-tools for the various commands. It will be difficult if you are a beginner. Once you become experienced, you would be able to use multiple commands at the same time.

Step 5 – Change Directory:

Now, change the directory on CMD or relational to that of the platform-tools folder. To do this step, you need to type “cd” followed by the full path to the platform-tools folder.

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Step 6 – Check Fastboot mode:

Now, connect your android device with Fastboot mode. Check that the device is recognized by typing “Fastboot devices” in the command line. Remember, all commands on LINUX and MAC should be followed by a “/”. Also, your serial should be listed if you are connected.

Step 7 – Wipe (Optional):

In some cases, wiping the device could fix/repair a soft bricked android phone if it was caused by conflicting data files. To do this step, type “fastboot-w” (without quotations obviously) in the command line. It will clear your android phone.

Step 8 – Flash a Recovery:

Now, download a new custom recovery for your android phone. You can search it on Google for this. Then, place it in platform-tools folder for simple access. To flash a custom recovery, type “fastboot flash recovery (recoveryimagename.img)”. Do not disconnect the device once you have started this process or else everything will ruin again.

Step 9 – Flash a ROM: 

Once you have flashed a new custom recovery, you could now use it to flash a new custom ROM. To flash a new custom ROM, download a compatible ROM  and save it in your android phone. Then, select “install zip” option or relational from the recovery and select your downloaded ROM to install it. It will take some time to complete. So, wait for some time until it is completed.

Step 10 – Reboot your Android device:

At most times, your android device would reboot automatically after the flashing procedure is completed. If it does not, then reboot it manually via Fastboot by typing “fastboot reboot”. It would take longer time than usual. So, be patient and wait for some time.

DISCLAIMER: Although, this method is successful in most cases but do it at your own RISK. For more information about disclaimer, click on this link.

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