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When Did Tech Get This Advanced? Five Items That Show That The Future Is Here

The world has turned and left us here. While we’re all glued to iPads and MacBooks, technology has made some insane leaps in the last few years that make it seem like we’re living in the Fifth Element without knowing.

Well, we’re not that far ahead, but things have come a long way and while you may have your mind blown away by the little touch bar on the newly released MacBook Pro, you should see what is going on elsewhere. There are some insane items on the market you can buy right now. This is real Star Trek territory here, by the way.

Thermal Cameras


Espionage games like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid have always proven that night-vision and cameras that don’t rely on light are excellent and sneaky. Thermal cameras actually exist now, and you can use them for more useful things than spying on your cat.

Handheld versions exist that can check the temperature of car engines and even be used to save lives when utilized by firefighters. There are even some smartphone-based versions.

This is an incredibly useful tool that can be used for anything from car repairs to cooking. Just research with a guide to thermal cameras or some reviews before you splash the cash.



This is crazy. The LifeStraw can be stuck into any pool of water, no matter the dirt or other unsavory things that may be floating about and turn it into a drinkable source of water thanks to the advanced filtering technology within.

There is no joking about this gadget as it can and will save some lives in the future.

Logbar Ring

TechEver wanted to be a Jedi? Well, we can’t help you with that at all. However, the Logbar Ring is a new development that allows you to control your television, lights, and phone with a wave of your finger!

Imagine that. Being able to turn things off with a flick? Well, it’s real, and it’s here. It’s totally pointless, but it will be the coolest you’ll ever feel.

Motorized Belt


This is for the gluttons.

A motorized belt now exists that expands and contracts depending on your body proportions to ensure that your jeans and trousers always stay taught to your body despite the pull of gravity.

Belty, the motorized belt, can even track your weight loss activity and movement.

The future is truly here. But it is expensive and pretty much useless.

A Robot Servant


Most of us, heck, all of us cannot afford a butler. That being said, we are in the future now, and robot butlers like the Budgee exist. The Budgee can act as a shopping assistant or even as a nanny for your children. It’s reliable, fast, articulate, easily storable and ideal to show off to your friends.

Does it do a lot? Not really. But it can carry your things and look after your child, so that’s enough for now. We don’t want the robots to take over, do we?







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