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Final Fortress – Idle Survival: It’s the End of the World as we Know It

How would you fare after an apocalypse? Would you relish the opportunity to go back to basics and try your hand at surviving in a hostile new world? Or would you prefer that, all horrors considered, the apocalypse had just taken it with you? A popular post-apocalyptic trope is zombies; they feature in TV shows, movies, comic books, games – and now they’ve arrived in apps too. The idle clicker/action adventure game Final Fortress – Idle Survival is ready and waiting to pit you against the worst of the undead, and it’s out now (free) on iOS and Android.

InfoCurse - Final Fortress - Idle Survival

The basic aim of the game is to construct a tower, which will act as both a refuge and an offense against the evil dead who wander the post-apocalyptic world. You achieve this by clicking your way through various floors, earning gasoline as you go. Money means zero in this world; it’s all about the resources. As you click your way to more gasoline, you’ll be able to build more floors on to your dwellings; you begin with a basic bedroom, but can quickly progress to a clinic, a laboratory and finally a sniper tower, which allows you to blast the heads of the undead from a premium vantage point.

InfoCurse - Final Fortress - Idle Survival

Speaking of which, you can’t defend your territory all on your own; you’ll need to amass a gang of survivors to help you with the task. These hardy heroes will automatically harvest gas for you from the lower rooms, and also take the offensive against any zombie attacks. This pitch-perfect mix of idle clicker satisfaction and action adventure elements are enough to make Final Fortress – Idle Survival a must-play addition to any serious app gamer’s list.

And the fun doesn’t even stop there; you can test your mettle against your friends and acquaintances by going global and linking up to increase productivity, bringing a whole new interactive dimension to what is already an action-packed game. All in all, Final Fortress is a delightful addition to the pantheon of idle clickers, offering fans of the genre an addictive entry with an undead twist.

Arm yourself against the zombies today at the App Store and Google Play!



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