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Facebook Top Tips and Tricks – Improve Your Messenger Experience

Facebook released a separate mobile application that’s made especially for chatting with your friends. In other words, if you are using the Facebook application on your mobile device, you will not be able to send private messages to anyone if you don’t install the Facebook Messenger application on your mobile device.

Today we’re going to give you a few tips and tricks on how to make Facebook Messenger better on your mobile device.

Naming and pining a Facebook Group conversation in order to access it fast

If you’ve joined/created a Facebook Group chat, then chances are your active in them. You should know that there is an option to pin a Facebook Group Chat by just tapping on the “Groups” tab, selecting the “Pin” button from the left-bottom side and adding the Group(s) that you want to access faster. You can even rename it if you want to by selecting the group and clicking on the “i” (information) button from the top-right side.

Deleting a message

Is there a message that someone has sent to you, but you don’t want others to see it (f they get access to your mobile device)? Then, simply tap and hold on the specific message that you want to delete and you will notice a Delete button appearing. Tap on it and you’re done!

Check if your sent message has been read

If you’ve sent a message to a Facebook friend, you will be able to see if (s)he has read it. You will need to look for the circle icon that appears on the bottom-right side of the display. If the person has read your message you will see a circle with the profile picture of your friend on the bottom-right side.

Facebook Messenger Tips 2

Muting notifications for a period of time

One of the most annoying things that Facebook Messenger comes with is related to notifications. However, don’t worry, because you will be able to Mute them for a period of time by opening the Facebook Messenger application, selecting the Settings button and choosing “Notifications & Sounds”. After that, toggle the option off and select which notifications you want to be turned off (minimum is for 15minutes and maximum is for 24 hours).

Viewing and hiding location data

Facebook Messenger comes with some pretty awesome features such as the location services. If the location services is enabled for Facebook Messenger, then the person who reads a message will reveal the time and location when (s)he has read the message.

In order to see a location data for a specific message, you will just need to tap on the message see if the person had the location data enabled, then you will see where that person was when (s)he has sent/read that specific message.

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