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EssayShark: Helping You Get Back In The Water

Essays are the bane of any student’s life. They intrude on all the important things that come with being a student; namely house parties, nights out and endless pseudo-intellucatual debates in pub daylight that you are grossly ill-prepared for. Who wants essays and writing assignments impending all that fun? Yet, sadly, they are a part of college life. The grades at the end of the road do matter, and in some courses they matter a great deal. So who’re you gonna call when you have to deal with mounting essays and seemingly insurmountable deadlines? EssayShark, that’s who, a new app out now for iOS and Android.

I say new, but it’s not really new; EssayShark was launched in 2009, and for the past seven years, has been helping out students in need all over the world. The app version of their site brings the same quality writing service to a new wave of students in a simple, easy-to-use package; as if it wasn’t straightforward enough to begin with! Essentially, you  log in to the app and place an order on whatever writing assignment you want done that particular day. Whether it’s economics or agriculture, science or photography, EssayShark and their merry band of writers will see you through.

The writers working for EssayShark are all experienced professionals, and on any day of the year, 24/7, they’re available to you. They constitute a mixture of bloggers, college professors and writers, and are rigorously tested before being given access to the service, resulting in an average quality score of 9.5/10 from its ever-growing user base. The app even offers you the opportunity to get a free text-based preview of the paper before placing an order, and you don’t actually pay anything until you see the finished work.

The app is easy and straightforward to navigate, with no hidden fees or dodgy-looking forms. Prices can vary depending on length, topic and how imminent the deadline is, though they are generally very reasonable. It stands to reason that this is the case however, when a large percentage of your clients are penniless students. There are a lot more features planned for this most useful of apps; as it stands now, it’s a worthy investment of any student’s time and money, and can really help you out in a pinch. It’s safe, secure and reliable, which is a lot more than can be said for the majority of students.

Swim on over the App Store or Google Play and get chomping down on EssayShark for free today!



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