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EA Sports FC 24 Title Update 4: Check Out the Patch Notes

EA Sports FC 24, the continuation of the FIFA series, was released last month, and the fans didn’t hesitate to react. The forums and social platforms are already teeming with fans of the franchise leaving their opinions on EA Sports FC 24, and if you know anything about the FIFA series in general, surely you’re well aware that the guys from EA Sports constantly look for ways to improve the latest game after the initial release.

It happens likewise with EA Sports FC 24, as Title Update 4 is coming with some pretty interesting additions. Regardless of what platform you prefer to run your copy of EA Sports FC 24, the update will still arrive to you soon.

Thanks to IGN, we already have the chance to feast our eyes on the patch notes for Title Update 4 of EA Sports FC 24. Therefore, let’s check out some of the most important ones:

Issues solved:

  • Descriptions from the longer Pack items in the Store will scroll automatically
  • Players might have seen an error message when trying to select a Concept item for an Evolution
  • When starting a Pack and exchanging a double item for a tradable version of the New item display, the Quick Sell value was sometimes missing.
  • During shootouts in Champions matches, the accuracy indicator for penalty kicks was sometimes missing
  • The pause menu showed the Squad name of the opponent instead of the Club’s name in Rivals.
  • Concept items wouldn’t automatically get replaced in a Squad in case a replacement Player item was acquired due to the Transfer Market UI on the Squad display.
  • Some of the specific pairs of the Player items were unable to be placed in the same squad.
  • Exiting the screen as intended wasn’t possible after bidding on a Player item from the Transfer Target compare price display.
  • It wasn’t always possible to preview Season Progression tifo rewards.
  • Certain Rivals Milestone Stages displayed the wrong Bronze Tifo instead of the right reward.
  • Exiting the screen wasn’t possible as intended in the case of bidding on a Player item in the Transfer Target compare price screen.
  • The CHM UI is displayed in the wrong way in case the player changes a Manager item.
  • A problem that might have caused trouble for the selection of Evolution Player items has also been addressed.


Changes Made:

The possible accuracy of acrobatic shots was reduced.
The amount of curve that can happen on first Precision Passes at extreme angles was reduced
When crossing from a wing position, players will tend to use the foot that is closest to the touchline. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this change doesn’t affect Trivela and High Crosses

Issues Addressed:

In specific situations, the ball could have erroneously stuck to the leg of the dribbler as they were running, making it nearly impossible for an opponent to take over the ball.
Lob Precision Passes sometimes didn’t reach their intended receiver.
In some cases, when altering the aiming input in the final moments of an outside foot shot animation, the shot would go towards the keeper instead of the desired target.
Low-powered lobbed drop kicks didn’t consistently deliver the ball to the desired recipient.
Manual passes influenced by Pinged Pass and Long Ball Pass PlayStyles didn’t work as expected all of the time.
When defenders attempted to block a pass, a wrong blocking animation occasionally occurred.
During a specific goalkeeper save animation, the arm of the keeper might have looked like going through the pitch.
In some rare instances, after a save, the goalkeeper briefly faced their own goal while getting up.
From time to time, the goalkeeper was facing away from the ball when trying to save a shot.
Flair Passes sometimes happen when requesting Swerve On Demand Passes with 40% power or more.
There were instances where players passed through a camera operator positioned near the ad boards.

It’s important to keep in mind that the whole list of patch notes for Title Update 4 is even higher.

Ea Sports FC 24 is available for both PCs that are powerful enough and the usual consoles.

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