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EA SPORTS FC 24 is Coming, and EA Has Decided to Remove All FIFA Games From Digital Stores

We’re only two days away from the historical launch of EA SPORTS FC 24, meaning the official continuation of the FIFA series. Since EA has lost the right to use the ‘FIFA’ moniker for its football simulation games, the next game of the legendary series will simply be called EA SPORTS FC 24.

According to, EA has decided to take down all of its FIFA games from digital stores before the launch of EA SPORTS FC 24, the game that will launch for PC and consoles this Friday, Sept. 29.

Will football fans and gamers be interested in EA FC 24?

There’s no need to be the reincarnation of Einstein to understand that the average gamer might be a bit discouraged from buying the new EA SPORTS FC 24 game, even if he’s been collecting FIFA games all his life. He might be tempted to believe that EA SPORTS FC 24 has nothing to do with the FIFA games, but in fact, the reality is totally different. EA FC 24 is indeed the successor of the legendary FIFA series, and EA wants to do all it can to prevent any confusion among gamers.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that EA has decided to remove all of the FIFA games, including the latest FIFA 23, from the Microsoft Store, the PlayStation Store, Steam, Nintendo eShoop, and other online stores. In other words, it won’t be possible anymore to buy any FIFA game from digital stores. But who cares when EA FC 24 is just two days away from launching?

EA SPORTS FC 24 will feature more than 40 licensed competitions for the players to enjoy, such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, and a lot more. They can choose their favorite team and participate in strong competitions. If they win the title in their home league, they will get to participate in the UEFA Champions League, for instance, meaning the strongest European competition for clubs. If they finish on other main positions in the ranking, they could compete in the UEFA Europa League, meaning the second-strongest European competition for clubs after UCL.

All teams in EA FC 24 have their rosters of players updated according to the latest transfers in the real world. In other words, there’s no chance to get bored while playing EA SPORTS FC 24 if you’re a true football fan and also a gamer at the same time!

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