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Drones: Toy Or Useful Gadget?

Initially developed for the military, drones have come a long way since they were first created and used. Today, every tech shop and toy store stocks an impressive selection of drones, with them being one of the top gifts on every tech lover’s wish list. There is no getting away from the fact; drones are the remote control cars of the teenies – AKA the teen years of the noughties.

While drones are a fantastic device for military uses, and also make great toys for tech lovers and kids alike, there’s a lot more to this technology than that. Many entrepreneurs and other services are putting drones to good use, helping to improve their operations.

So with that in mind, the question is: are drones simply toys or are they a more useful gadget, and why? For everything that you need to know, read on!

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Drones are highly useful photography devices

Today, many sectors within the media industry use and utilize drones on a daily basis. From sports photography to documentary filming, drones have amazing potential. Did you know that they were used in the 2014 Winter Olympics to film skiing and snowboarding events? Resources like can show you just how many different drone designs there are that come with built in cameras and videoing equipment, ideal for these kinds of scenarios. Then there is the fact that many journalists use drones to film footage for documentaries and article research.

There’s the potential for drone delivery in the future

We may not be there just yet, but in the very near future, there is the potential to use drones as delivery vehicles. Currently, there is a concern regarding safety, but in the future drones are sure to be used by a range of companies for quicker and more efficient order delivery. Amazon, one of the world’s leading distributor companies, backs the concept and thinks it has huge potential for success.

Drones can be used in disaster operations

Then there is the fact that drones can be useful in disaster situations. After a natural or human made disaster, drones can be used to quickly and efficiently to gather information about the disaster and the best way of moving forward with the rescue and clean up. Many drones are not only fitted with cameras, but also thermal sensors, which means that they can be used to quickly locate missing people, or even missing animals. They are easy to deploy and can be used to safely ascertain what has happened and what help is required. They can help to reduce waste caused by helicopters being distributed when they are not needed. To learn more about the benefits of drones in disaster situations, resources like can be useful.

They’re useful for real estate

Drones can be used to provide faster and more up to date images of buildings to check what state they are in and ascertain what works needs doing to them. For the real estate sector, drones are vital pieces of kit. It can be hard to inspect complex infrastructure manually, but a drone can make the process much quicker, easier and safer. Regular aerial monitoring can help to make the process of keeping buildings ‘healthy’ much easier and more cost-effective.

There is no getting away from the fact that drones do make fantastic toys for tech lovers. However, that being said, they are also incredibly useful gadgets that can change the way that we as a human race function in various situations, making our jobs easier, more cost-effective, and in many instances, safer too.



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