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How to Download, Install, Use & Upload Pics on Instagram in Windows PC

How to Download, Install, Use & Upload Pics on Instagram in Windows PC: Instagram is a new world for the socializing folks. It is one of the best photo editing app, a smartphone can have. It lets you upload photos from your mobile devices and share it with the world to see. Briefly speaking, Instagram is an online photo and video sharing social network. It has so simple interface that a newbie can also use it easily. You can click a picture, extract it to Instagram, apply affects, put filters and enhance its quality. Once you are satisfied with the pic, you can upload it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr through an internal interconnecting interface of Instagram. It works amazingly superior and lets you click pics like a pro photographer. With these amazing features, Instagram has become instantly popular among people, especially, when Facebook bought it for $1 Billion. It was first released for android users and later developed for iOS users too. But there is no official release of Instagram for Windows or Mac PC users. So, for the PC users who want to use Instagram and have a slice of the photo-editing-cum-sharing pie, I would show you How to Download, Install, Use & Upload Pics on Instagram in Windows PC. A software called Bluestacks allows you to run android apps on PC. So, it is possible to use Instagram on your Windows and Mac PC via Bluestacks. But Bluestacks is a very heavy software and needs high end configuration to work smoothly. Read below to know the system configuration of Bluestacks and how to Download, Install, Use & Upload Pics on Instagram for Windows PC.

Download Install Use Upload Pics on Instagram in Windows Mac PC
_Instagram on Bluestacks_

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System Configuration needed to run Bluestacks in your Windows PC:

  • The system must have Windows XP or higher operating system.
  • It needs at least 2 GB memory of hard disk space.
  • The system should have minimum 1 GB RAM. It is better to have 2 GB RAM for proper functioning of Bluestacks.
  • You should have a good graphic card with compatible Graphic library (GL).
  • All the drivers on your system should be up-to-date.

You should have above system configuration in your Windows PC to run Instagram without any lags and errors.

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Attractive Features Of Instagram – Why you should use Instagram?

Here are some listed attractive features of Instagram that would force you to use it on your smartphone or Windows, Mac PC:

  • It is one of the best photo editing application.
  • It lets you upload photos and share it with the world to see.
  • It has user-friendly interface. A newbie can also use it easily.
  • It has variety of options and features to edit a pic. It lets you click pics like a pro photographer.
  • It is instantly popular among social networking population. It has over 200 million active users and still counting.

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Step-by-step Guide to Download & Install Instagram on your Windows PC:

There are two ways via which you can install Instagram in your computer using Bluestacks. Following are the two ways:

1. Install Instagram via APK File:

  • First of all download Bluestacks. Visit this page to know how to download and install Bluestacks in your PC.
  • Now, download the Instagram apk file from the below link.

Download Instagram APK file from here.

  • After downloading the apk file of Instagram, check whether the file is associated with Bluestacks. if yes then just double click it. If not, then right click on it. Select “Open with“. Choose Browse and Select Bluestacks. If you can find it then browse to C:/Program files/Bluestacks/APK Handler. For Windows 8 user, browse to C:/Program Files (x86)/APK Handler.
  • Then, proceed further with onscreen instructions.
  • Sign in with your Instagram account or sign up with a new account.
  • That’s all. You can successfully share your photos and videos on Instagram now.

NOTE: I have come through some complains that people are facing some errors while installing Instagram app from APK file. When they click on the apk file, they get errors like




If you are also facing the same problem, try installing Instagram via App stores within the Bluestacks itself. It would also fix the “Dismiss Sign up error“.

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2. Install Instagram via AppStores:

NOTE: Check that you have a shortcut file of Appstore in the My Apps folder to proceed further.

  • Now, Click on the Search icon on the top right side of the Bluestacks app player.
  • In the search bar, type Instagram and wait for some time. It may take a bit of time even though if you have fast internet connection.
  • Check the first result of the app. Click the Install button in front of it.
  • A new window prompt will appear on your screen. It is the window of available store which will offer the app.

Download Install Use Upload Pics on Instagram in Windows Mac PC
_Available App stores on Bluestacks_

  • There are three stores 1. 1Mobile, 2. Amazon and 3. Google Play. Select any one to install. I prefer to use 1Mobile and also done it in the below snapshot. Click it to begin the download process.

Download Install Use Upload Pics on Instagram in Windows Mac PC
_Choose 1Mobile as App store_

NOTE: I prefer to use 1Mobile because it is faster than Google Play Store. Also, if you choose Google Play store, it will take you to the Instagram Product page while 1Mobile provides a direct download procedure. Hence, 1Mobile is much easier.
  • When the store finishes download and installation process, it would notify you.

Download Install Use Upload Pics on Instagram in Windows Mac PC
_Installation of Instagram on Bluestacks_

  • After the installation, double click on the Instagram app to open it.

Download Install Use Upload Pics on Instagram in Windows Mac PC
_Instagram on Bluestacks_

  • Enter your Instagram details and sign in. If you do not have an account then sign up for it.

Download Install Use Upload Pics on Instagram in Windows Mac PC
_Fill your Instagram credentials_

  • That’s all. You can successfully share your photos and videos on Instagram now.

Use Alternate to Instagram on Computer(PC):

If the above method does not help you, you can use alternative to Instagram on your PC. Instragrille (Pixsta) is an alternative to Instagram. It is specially designed  for computer and offers similar features as Instagram app. Click on the below link to download Instragrille on your PC.

Click here to download Instragrille.

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How to Upload Pictures on Bluestacks for Instagram from PC:

There are three ways via which you can upload pictures on Bluestacks fro Instagram:

  1. Bluestacks Shared Files location: I did some research over it and I found something about the Bluestacks Shared files location. Here is the conclusion. Bluestack is an android emulator. Think… as it is a real android OS. Now, what do you need that can arrange all your files and folders?? A “File Manager App”. Install it. But, here comes the most complex part. There is no SD card attached to your PC. Bluestacks does not read the data that are stored in your hard drives. So, from where will the File Manager App extract all the files? Well, the answer is here…. The latest version of Bluestacks can access USER DOCUMENT folders from your PC. Copy the files in “My Document” Folder in your PC and extract them from Bluestacks.  Click here to know uploading files on Bluestacks.
  2. Drag and Drop: You can use Drag and drop option also.  Run Bluestacks app player and let it fully initialized. When Bluestacks is fully fully ready and running, just drag the particular file from Windows hard drive to Bluestacks window. The File manager app in your Bluestacks will automatically read it.
  3. Using Cloud Sync: You can use online Cloud storage apps like Google drive or Dropbox to sync your files with Bluestacks. This works fine for file sharing but its a bit tricky and lengthy procedure.

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 How to Use Instagram on Bluestacks-Windows and Mac PC:

  • Choose the installed Instagram app in the Bluestacks.
  • Fill up your credential details to login.
  • Click on the Instagram-bottom right corner-icon icon at the bottom right corner. Then click on the top right icon Instagram-top right-icon in front of the Search option. Go to Camera Settings and uncheck “Use Instagram’s Advanced Camera” option.
  • Click on the Instagram-Camera-icon Camera icon at the bottom option. A new window pop up on the screen. It asks for the source of the image file to be uploaded. Select Photo Gallery.

NOTE: If people are having problem in synchronizing photos, follow the above explained text –  How to Upload Pictures on Bluestacks for Instagram.

  • You would see all the pics In the Gallery folder. Search for the pic which you want to upload and click on it.
  • Crop the pic or re-size it, if you want, or else Accept it as it is.
  • Apply Instagram editing options. Once you are satisfied, Click Instagram-top right corner-icon option at the top right corner.
  • Then, fill up the required details and Click Upload at the top right corner of your screen.
  • That’s it. You’re done.

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