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Disillusioned Wez Anderson Fans Find Relief With Bellhops Moving App

You’d be forgiven for thinking that being a bellhop is a glamorous job if the only experience you’ve had is watching the Wez Anderson film Grand Budapest Hotel. The reality is much different, it’s not all sleeping with ageing beauties and you’re lucky if the odd stray traveler squishes (often quite clumsily) a crumpled up dollar bill into your hands after you’ve dragged his and his Mrs far-too-many-bags-for-a-weekend-getaway to their rooms. However, enter Bellhops and (bar the ageing beauties part) you’re actually getting pretty close.

Bellhops is a fantastic new app that connects desperate and tired movers with strapping young college students in need of a bit of doe. To apply you must be young, fit, healthy and able to lift 7kg above your head. You also need to be kind, well mannered and understanding, given the stress incurred for most people during a move you have to be patient of their fragile state. This is why college students are the best employees; strapped for cash and eager to please (you might be handling your future bosses mink vase after all), you know they’ll be switched on and reliable and from the bellhops point of view? Well, getting to run around with your mates as and when you feel like it for more than the industry standard is nothing to be sneezed at.

Bellhops specialises in small and collegiate moves, or as they like to call them – micro moves. So if your move is relatively small, begging for your friends help hasn’t worked and you don’t want to go to all of the hassle of hiring a moving company, Bellhops is a perfect, cost effective solution. They’re fully insured so that in the rare case that one of your belongings is damaged, they pull out every stop to get an exact replica otherwise they’ll foot the full cost of the item back to you. You can book right up until the last minute (although advanced warning is appreciated) and they also offer a full refund on booking’s that no longer require the Bellhops services.

If you have any friends also in need of a little muscle, sign up to become an advocate, give away your $20 introductory promo code and they’ll pay you a further $20 of your own. If all this sounds to good to be true, rest assured, Bellhops is the real deal – so sign up, create your account and get moving today!!

If you could use a bit of muscle, be it hired or growing your own then download Bellhops from the App Store today!



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