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Dell Venue 10 7000 – A Productivity-minded Android Tablet

Many manufacturers tried to create a tablet with a large screen for on-the-go productivity, but it seems that Dell has found a secret ingredient that guaranteed the success of the Venue 10 7000 device. Its price is around 500 dollars, without the magnetically attachable keyboard and 679 dollars with a keyboard and internally, it’s better specced than many of Google’s Chromebooks, competing with cheaper Windows laptops and it definitely beats the Nexus 9 and iPad Air 2 in terms of better speakers. More about this hybrid tablet you’ll find below.


At first glance, you’ll notice a similarity between the Dell Venue 10 7000 and Lenovo’s Yoga tablets because of its thin screen and barrel hinge, but that doesn’t mean that Dell has entirely copied these device’s design, because they implemented their own ideas and used many touches from the Dell Venue 8 7000.

The tablet features a thin aluminum frame and at the bottom, from one side to another, there’s a cylindrical hinge that protrudes, which means that it’s very different from the Yoga Tablet 2 which has a curved backside featuring a flip-out kickstand that was built into the hinge.

The Dell Venue 10 7000 has a thickness of 6.2mm, being 0.2mm thicker than the Venue 8 7000 and 0.1inches thicker than the iPad Air 2, and let’s not forget to mention the Lenovo Yoga Tablet, which measures 7.2mm. In terms of weight, the first position on the podium is occupied by the Nexus 9, which weights 425grams, being followed by the iPad Air 2, which weights 437grams, then the Venue 10 7000 comes next with a weight of 597grams and again, the Yoga Tablet 2 loses in front of its competition, as it weights 616grams.

The keyboard we were telling you about is optional, being a standalone Bluetooth keyboard accessory which can be bought at a price of 159 dollars.


The tablet sports an OLED display supporting a pixel resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels that gives a pixel density of 288ppi, which beats iPad Air 2’s 264 ppi display and Yoga Tablet 2’s Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, which supports only 224ppi. The colors are vibrant and the blacks are truer than on LCD screens, and you won’t have problems with the oversaturation.


Dell is known for its affinity for gaming and most of its new devices are capable of delivering exceptional performance, as they house powerful processors from Intel. Likewise the 8inches model, The Venue 10 7000 is powered by an Atom Z3580 processor (2M Cache, running up to 2.33 GHz) which in the Geekbench 3 multi-core benchmark test obtained a score of 2,915 points, which is pretty much the same as the result obtained by the Venue 8. The iPad Air 2, with its A8 processor, scored 4,507 points, crushing Dell’s tablet, and even the Nexus 9 had a better score of 3,492 points.

The Venue 10 is capable of streaming 4K videos and can handle complex tasks, thanks to its Imagination PowerVR G6430 graphics which are backed by 2GB of RAM.

Dell Venue 10 7000 2

A more interesting keyboard

Dell created a more reliable locking system for the Bluetooth keyboard, which incorporates a deep channel that has magnetic rods and the metal clips from the keyboard are clipping into them, fitting perfectly inside the barrel edge’s channels. So, whatever you do and in which position you keep the tablet, the keyboard will remain attached to it.

Movies and music

The 10.5inches screen of the Venue 10 has a 16:10 aspect ratio that isn’t extraordinary for watching movies because you’ll notice black bars at the top and bottom, meaning that the movie won’t be stretched to cover the entire display. Also, when watching movies with a format of 21:9, they seem very small. However, if you can ignore this aspect, you will be very satisfied with the colors and the set of speakers which deliver enough bass and impact.

Gaming and image quality

Venue 10 may be a productivity tablet, but when it comes to gaming, you will have no problem playing complex games such as Hearthstone or Crossy Road, which is very colorful.

Dell’s tablet uses RealSense depth sensing camera technology which is composed by an 8MP sensor with two 720p shooters and it’s able to capture 3D photos which don’t require special glasses to see them.

Battery life

The capacity of Venue 10’s battery is 7000mAh and even if on paper, it is specified that it can last up to 7 hours, some users managed to extend its life up to 8 hours and 20 minutes. If you fully charge the battery, then work with Google Docs, open ten Chrome tabs, stream Google Music in the background, play a film from the Play Movies application, stream Netflix for one hour and edit images, within 90 minutes, the battery of the Venue 10 will drop by 15 percent, being more efficient than iPad Air 2’s battery that drops by 21 percent.

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