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A Dating App That Focuses On People’s Personalities As Well As Their Looks? It’s Skooba

If you’re constantly wondering why it is so much harder to meet good people online for dating than it is for friendship, I’ve got just the app for you! Skooba is an online dating app that takes all the best aspects of social media and uses them to help you find your ideal partner based on shared interests and compatible personalities. How does it do it? You can post things to your wall, like Instagram or Facebook – photos or videos with captions -, and potential matches close to you can see your posts in their news feed. And posts are brought to the news feed in chronological order so you’re seeing the most relevant, fresh stuff first. If someone likes your post, you’ll get nudged and can, if you so wish, move things forward with messaging and eventually meeting!

Using this more socially-driven online dating platform allows you to save time on the app and in-person by quickly separating the good from the bad. No more awkward dates with people who love the things you hate and hate the things you love. No more beautiful, ancient, misleading pictures of people who have more recently let things slip. You’re not left making assumptions (you know what they say about assuming!) about a potential matches character based off a picture he/she took with a dog, or a baby, 12 years ago, even though they hate dogs and are terrible with kids. You don’t have to worry about writing up a lengthy bio that bigs you up when you really don’t know what to say or how to say it. This is the quickest, easiest way to figure out who someone really is. This is the absolute best representation of you.

The app also makes sign up incredibly quick, pulling the necessary info – email, name, profile pic, age etc. – with Facebook integration. It’s just one touch and you’re away! And the app never posts to Facebook. Plus, the app uses your location to ensure your news feed is filled with potential matches in close proximity to you – but don’t worry, Skooba only takes your location while you’re using it.  

So download Skooba on iTunes right away and reap the benefits of a much-improved dating life immediately!




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