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Climb the Reaction Ranks in Colour Flick

Countless mobile games come with the tagline ‘easy to learn, difficult to master’, but Colour Flick is one of the few where it genuinely rings true. A simple objective within each of the six game modes tasks you with flicking a colored ball in the center of the screen into a matching color within the outer circle.

This basic premise, you may argue, doesn’t sound all that compelling at first, but when you discover the truly impressive way in which developer Matthew Falzon implements a slew of incrementally more difficult game mechanics to impede your progress, you’ll quickly find your phone glued to your hand.

Battle your own high score while climbing the leaderboards in the process. Colour Flick will test your reactions and thumb dexterity in equal measure, addictive as it is frustrating. From the rotating circle of ‘Infinite Rotation’, to the timed mode of ‘Timed Classic’, and the all-out bombardment of ‘Challenges’: with spinning blockers, shrinking areas, and reversing the ball direction, it’s a fiendish experience.

‘Challenges’ mode is where I found myself putting most of my time. With more than 90 challenges available, each with its own individual obstacles, it provides clear visual progression to those not overly concerned with climbing the leaderboards.

Colour Flick rewards its players with a form of currency, but don’t be alarmed, there are no microtransactions that limit your progress in sight. Instead, the currency allows you unlock secret additional icons for your center ball. It’s an additional carrot on the end of a stick, bolstering the core desire to beat your own high score.

The game’s visual and audio design wonderfully compliments the gameplay mechanics, with an elegant simplicity that never jars with play. Colors pop from a static black background, and the understated soundtrack never falls into the trap of becoming distracting, instead supporting one’s concentration.

From such a reserved concept comes a surprising amount of variety. I found myself bouncing between all six of the game modes, each with its own ability to improve my skills. While indeed varied, the package as a whole is a beautifully cohesive affair; watch as color gradually fills the circle, indicating the time left on the clock – neglecting the typical numbered countdown.

After each “game over”, Color Flick presents you with the choice to carry on if you watch a 30-second ad. This is the only real issue I had with the game. While the implementation of ads is far from intrusive, this second chance is not indicated on leaderboards. And while each player is offered the same opportunity for further play, those not willing to sit through an ad become somewhat disadvantaged.

As you find yourself sighing in frustration, Colour Flick will undoubtedly convince you to play game after game. The depth and challenge on offer is consistently inviting, with the game never outreaching further than it can handle, conducting itself almost flawlessly. It’s simply a delight to play.

Available for free on both the App Store and Google Play, so download today and see if your reactions are up to the task.



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