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Chromecast Top Free Apps To Make Your Life Easier

Chromecast is a popular streaming device developed by Google. The device is pretty cheap and allows you to transform your normal TV into a Smart TV. Using this little device, you will be able to stream movies, applications, games directly from your laptop, tablet or smartphone straight onto your TV.

You can mirror your mobile device screen and watch almost everything on your TV. However, there are dedicated applications, which have built-in Chromecast functionality and today we’re going to tell you about a few of them.

VLC has confirmed that they are going to add Chromecast support on the next major update, so make sure you install VLC on your mobile device, as soon this video application will be able to stream on your TV via Chromecast.


PocketCast is an application that has millions of podcasts. Using this application you will be able to listen to whatever podcast you want as long as you can find it. The application now has Casting abilities, which allows you to stream any podcast directly on your TV via Chromecast.


Cast Store

As you already guessed, the Cast Store is a dedicated shop for the applications that support Chromecast. You will find here over 100 applications that support Chromecast. In case you are new to Chromecast and you’re not sure what application supports the device, this application is a great way to find out.



Are you a person who loves watching movies or TV shows? Well, Wuaki.TV is the application for you, it allows you to watch the latest movies or TV shows. If the movies or TV shows are already on Blu-Ray or DVD, chances are they will be on Wuaki.TV. However, keep in mind that you will need to pay per movie or TV show, so moneywise it’s not the best deal (such as Netflix for example).



Plex is an application that should be installed on every Android device. This application will allow you to manage all the media from your tablet, smartphone or laptop. This way, you will be able to stream with ease to your TV via your Chromecast. The application also allows you to stream videos from YouTube and it comes with a nice interface that enhances the experience .


BBC iPlayer

If you are living in the UK, the BBC iPlayer is the player for you. There is a lot of free content that this player offers, such as Top Gear and many others.



One application that you should never go without om your mobile device is Netflix. This application will allow you to stream a lot of TV shows and movies. Your smartphone or tablet also works as a remote for this application, which means that you will be able to stop, pause or change the volume right from your mobile device.



Do you have a lot of videos, photos or music stored on your mobile device? Are you home with your group of friends and you want to share those files with them? Well, don’t worry, as you can stream all the photos, music or videos stored on your laptop, smartphone or tablet directly onto your TV!



VideoStream is a web application that allows you to stream any type of video from your laptop to your TV via Chromecast. This application is available in Google Chrome and can be installed on your laptop. The application supports local videos that are stored on either your laptop or home network. You can also use the Google Play Store variant, which incorporates a remote control.



Are you too tired to queue up your playlist? Well, don’t worry, because Songza application can find the right songs for your current mood. For example, if you want to go to sleep, you can select “Bedtime” and the application will play you some nice songs that are sure to help you sleep better. If you just got up and you are full of energy, you can always select the “Waking Up Happy” in order to get some great energizing music that will kick your morning off.


BT Sport

Do you enjoy watching sports? If you do, then we’re pretty sure that you will want to have this application installed on your mobile device. BT Sport now supports Chromecast, which means that you will be able to view the content from BT Sport directly on your TV. Using BT Sport, you will be able to see rugby, formula one, premier league football and much more.


TicTacToe Chromecast

If you ever get bored of what’s on TV, you can always play some Tic Tac Toe using this great application. This game is very simple and it is great for killing a few minutes. The application is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.



If you enjoy drawing, then CastPad is an application that needs to be installed on your device. This way, you will be able to send all your drawings to your HDTV without any problems. The free version comes with only five colors and an option to change the brush size. However, if you want additional features, you will need to buy them via the in-app purchases (you can buy brush types, colors and many more).


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