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Chime: get notifications of all social networks at one place in Google chrome.

Get notifications of all your social networks: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, Github blah blah blah….. All of you are wondering why I am listing some of the top most social networking sites names in this article. Well I am not giving you lists of social networking sites but I just want you to know that with increasing number of social networking sites it is getting difficult for an individual to keep track of all their social connections.

Yes, we will give you a simple solution to get notifications of all social networks at one place in google chrome. Chime a new Google chrome extension that will collect all your social networks notifications and update you at one place. So, you don’t have to login multiple times to update yourself in your social network.

Although there are various other notification options available but chime is richer in features and provides you with simple UI. Also unlike other notification options it cover more social networking sites like quora , reddit apart from facebook, twitter etc. You just need to install chime as Google chrome extension. Login to your chrome account and you will automatically get notifications of all social networks at one place.  If you receive an update chime you show you a small pop up box in chrome browser and you can get notifications in a nice dropdown menu bar.

I know it seems to look very interesting that how one can get notifications of all your social networks at one place. Below is the guide to tell you full procedure.

How to get notifications of all social networks at one place in Google chrome

Step 1: Installing Chime

You can install chime as your Google chrome extension from chrome web store.

Step 2: accessing chime

Chime automatically access information so you don’t need to give permission or authority to read data from social networking sites. You just need to login any social networking site that you visit and instead of looking every important information you can see chime pointing all important notifications.

You just have to click extension icon, select all notifications. It will open a window of all the services with their corresponding updates.

What’s best about chime is that it will pop up the notification panel till you are logged into any particular social networking. Moment you logged out all notifications disappeared automatically.

Once you open chime toolbar you will get list of various social networking sites. You can check or uncheck them depending upon your priority to get notifications from any particular social networking site at one place in Google chrome. At any time you can modify the notification panel as per your choice.

Chime gives you additional features like:

You can distinguish notifications of one social networking site from another easily. Yes, although news from different social networking sites are listed at one place, but they are of different colours. Means notifications from Facebook are of one and Google plus from different colours.

Chime shows you service that you are currently using or logged in. Sites that you are using appear in dark colour whereas other in light colours.

You can mark notifications read or unread from chime notification panel.

Chime is a notification hub. It gives all your social network notifications at one place. But you cannot reply to any of your mails, tweet back or poke your friend. For that you have to visit that particular website.

Sometimes it is possible that you didn’t notice message or notifications. Don’t worry, anytime you can open chime notification panel and there you will get all pending notifications.

I hope this article will help you to view all you important social networks notifications at one place. Just install chime in Google chrome and save your time.



Rishabh Pant is a passionate writer and blogger. He is pursuing engineering in electronics and communication from GGSIPU University. In his free time, he loves to watch movies and play PC games.


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