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ChatGPT: OpenAI Introduces Voice Conversations for the AI Chatbot

OpenAI’s new update for the highly controversial ChatGPT now makes the AI chatbot even more immersive than before. Users will soon be able to speak their requests out aloud to the program, and they will be given answers the same way. In other words, the AI tool will be able to talk to its users and eventually be their friend (or foe, depending on what your naughty subconscious mind asks it).

Obviously, the new feature can be used in numerous ways and, hopefully, in productive ones. You now have the chance to ask ChatGPT just about anything you may think of, such as demand “a bedtime story for your family, or settle a dinner table debate.”

Plus and Enterprise users will benefit

The new voice and images feature for ChatGPT is being rolled out by the devs from OpenAI. Plus and Enterprise users should get it soon, meaning in the next two weeks. Those using the AI chatbot from Android and iOS will have to allow the voice commands in their settings menu, while images will become available for all of the platforms.

OpenAI informed the public about the new audio feature in a recent blog post, writing:

“We are beginning to roll out new voice and image capabilities in ChatGPT. They offer a new, more intuitive type of interface by allowing you to have a voice conversation or show ChatGPT what you’re talking about.”

Obviously, once you use your voice and images to interact with ChatGPT, the AI tool has more efficient ways to help you out. For instance, as the blog post says, you can take a photo of a landmark while you’re traveling and have a little talk with ChatGPT about it. The AI tool can provide you with interesting information about the photo. You can even have a conversation with ChatGPT about your son’s homework to find out how to solve it. The possibilities become endless.

When we say ‘ conversations,’ we truly mean it! In other words, it’s not necessary to be satisfied with the first answer that ChatGPT gives you for your problem. You will also be free to use the voice commands to have back-and-forth conversations with the chatbot.

For ChatGPT’s ability to use voices in order to respond to requests, OpenAI has collaborated with professional voice actors. Whisper is also used, which is their open-source speech recognition system, for the purpose of transcribing spoken words into text.

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