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ChatGPT Correctly Diagnoses a Child With Chronic Pain After 17 Doctors Failed

A lot of folks out there still remain unimpressed by what ChatGPT can do, but it has just been proven that OpenAI’s chatbot can accurately diagnose medical conditions better than doctors. A boy named Alex has gone through such intense pain that started when he was only 4 years old that he couldn’t play with other children anymore. To add insult to injury, doctors couldn’t figure out what the problem was.

While the boy’s mother became frustrated and lacked solutions, she thought to give it a chance to the controversial AI chatbot known as ChatGPT. To everyone’s surprise, that was the winning ticket, as OpenAI’s software correctly diagnosed the boy’s condition, proving to be more efficient than all of the doctors who failed in trying to figure out what was wrong with the child, according to

Three years of searching for the diagnosis in vain

Alex has been going through chronic pain, and he began chewing things. Three years represent the amount of time that doctors spent searching for answers and the cause of Alex’s condition. The boy has even undergone MRI scans, but doctors still couldn’t understand what’s wrong with him.

When the affected boy’s mother made an account on ChatGPT’s platform and added all she knew about her son’s condition, it was a mystery solved for poor Alex. It seems that the boy was suffering from tethered cord syndrome.

The boy’s mother, Courtney, explained as quotes:

“We saw so many doctors. We ended up in the ER at one point. I kept pushing,

“I really spent the night on the (computer) … going through all these things.”

Alex has even been to a dentist, as the parents couldn’t understand why the child was chewing on objects. Surprisingly enough, the dentist ruled out all of the possibilities. He believed that perhaps Alex was grinding his teeth and that an orthodontist specializing in airway obstruction could prove to be helpful.

Alex even stopped growing taller at some point, which made the parents schedule a visit to the pediatrician. The doctor’s hunch was that the COVID pandemic was affecting the boy’s development.

Alex has even been through severe headaches and huge meltdowns. While a doctor thought he was going through migraines, another suggested airway problems. None of them were correct, and the case once again proves just how useful ChatGPT can be, despite having its fair share of critics.

However, each and every time we experience any kind of health problems and concerns, we should always seek professional help first. In other words, asking our doctor for help instead of ChatGPT is always a ‘must.’

Costea Lestoc
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