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Downloading Campfire – Live Group Video Chat Room Should Be Your Only Next ‘Squad Goal’

Shootin the sh*t with your squad is what goals were made of right? But it always has to come to an end for one reason or another. Shellie’s broke, Ryan’s got work, Lisa needs to study and Jackson’s got footy practise (I know, all squads aren’t gender equal, but a lazy feminist can hypothesise, can’t she?) Anyway, we all know that the ultimate integration of squad-life would be to drop in on your team, wherever, whenever, with perfect visuals and handy emojis at the ready, but such a platform is yet to exist… Or is it? Hold onto your matching t-shirts friends ’cause Campfire Video Chat & Hangouts have done just that with their Campfire – Live group video chat room app! Slam dunk!

Campfire – Live group video chat room (or Campfire for short – nicer, isn’t it?) is the answer to all your friend group prayers as it integrates all things lovable about our favourite social media apps that are already out there in one easy-to-use interface.

InfoCurse - Campfire

Want group-chat like WhatsApp? Campfire’s got it. What about those handy emojis and cute SnapChat filters? Covered. Can’t live without perfectly live-streaming your squad’s adorable faces? Well, you get the idea – Campfire is essentially a delicious Eton Mess of a instant messaging/live-streaming/group-chat app dessert!

The good news? Other than this beautiful bit of tech exists it’s also available and free to download to any iOS users. The bad? If any of your mates are boycotting the Apple conglomerate, they’ll either have to shelf there morals and jump on the iPhone bandwagon or leave the party. Cry face, amiright? Don’t worry, the rate at which Campfire is picking up happy users, it’ll likely roll out an Android version soon enough.

InfoCurse - Campfire

So what’s left to say? You know what it does, you know what it’s good for and you know it’s easy-to use, cute and free! Get your *ss’ over to the App Store and download Campfire to get your squad party going nightly and ever-so-rightly today!



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