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Top 5 best Youtube alternatives for ios | iphone & ipad.

Best Youtube alternatives for ios: I enjoy most of the Google apps in my iphone. Whether it’s Gmail, Drive or Youtube all are useful for smartphone users. Out of all these applications Youtube is most used by me for movie streaming or lecture tutorials. But many times I found that Youtube is running slow or showing playback error while I try to run any video. Also many times video quality is not that much great inspite of good internet connection. So I have given list of some best Youtube like video streaming sites for iphone and ipad.

Although these sites may not have that much collection of videos but still you can find many useful videos and tutorials. Just go through them one by one.

Best Youtube alternatives for ios:

Best video streaming sites like youtube

Vimeo: Surely the best Youtube alternative for ios. Vimeo gives you thousands of video to watch. Like Youtube you can upload your personal videos, create channels etc. Vimeo is available in two version one is free and other one is premium. Premium version will cost you about 60$ per year. Premium version is must for you if you are in video editing field. Moreover you can many additional features like more video uploads, better editing features. So I must say Vimeo is good Youtube alternative for ios.

best Youtube alternatives for ios Well I haven’t used this site but still according to reviews Ted is based on a whole new concept. Not only it has got huge collection of videos but you can create talks about various topics all over the world. Buffering speed is good and search results are quiet relevant. You can search videos on the basis of keywords, themes etc. You must try this site for free video streaming. Due to its feature of creating talks it is heaven for students who want a healthy discussion.

best youtube alternatives for ios

Metacafe: Metacafe needs no introduction. I am sure you must have visiTed this site during you teenage. It is also video uploading or hosting site like Youtube. Best part is you will be paid if video is popular among viewers. You can browse videos in various categories like sports, entertainment, sex, health, education etc. Videos are ranked on basis of ranking algorithm so that viewers will get the best results. Metacafe is one of the best Youtube alternative available for iphone or ipad users.

Video hosting sites other than Youtube

Dailymotion: it is also a video streaming site like Youtube. You can visit Dailymotion by opening in your safari browser. I personally use Dailymotion in my iphone as Youtube alternative. Site has got most of the features similar to Youtube like users can upload their videos, create channels etc. But there are some video uploading restrictions in daily motion. You can download Dailymotion videos with freemake videos downloader tool

best Youtube alternatives for iphone & ipad

Flickr: Many of you will be using Flickr to upload photos or images.  But Flickr is also a videos streaming or hosting site like Youtube. You can upload your personal videos as well public videos. Like Vimeo, Flickr also provides two hosting plans. Free and paid. In free version you can upload only 2 videos per month on other hand with paid version user can upload unlimited videos. Flickr has not got that large collection of videos, but who knows you will find some useful stuff there.

Hopefully these sites will make your streaming easier if Youtube is causing any trouble in your iphone or ipad.

Do share your experience with us in the comments box below.

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Rishabh Pant is a passionate writer and blogger. He is pursuing engineering in electronics and communication from GGSIPU University. In his free time, he loves to watch movies and play PC games.
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