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Best ios apps to boost RAM in iphone and ipad without jailbreak.

Boost RAM in iphone and ipad: If you are an apple fan boy then there are less chances that you find anything less in your device as compared to other smart phones. But still Apple smart phones come in low end configuration. On one side we have android where processor capability Is increased to quad or octa-core. Whereas in iphone’s and ipad’s we are still on dual-core processors. We get can get 3GB ram in android phones like galaxy note 4 and iphone’s are still running on 1GB of RAM.

Although this hardware is sufficient for best customized apps but still if you are using iphone’s older versions then you must go through these apps that will help you to boost RAM in your iphone and ipad. These apps will not require any hardware just install these apps and launch in your device.

Best ios apps to boost RAM in iphone and ipad without jailbreak.

Best ios apps to boost RAM in iphone and ipad:

Checker- memory and disk space checker: This is a pretty good app to check free RAM and disk space. You just need to launch the apps and it will automatically check for any chance for free disk space by cleaning cache files etc.

Memory and disk scanner pro: this powerful app shows and checks information about memory usage, disk space and CPU usage. You will get advanced memory and RAM cleaning options like min. cleaning or max. Cleaning which indicates how much minimum and maximum RAM you can free with particular app. This is a must app for iphone and ipad users.

iClee pro: This amazing app will clean up unwanted cache files and free up system RAM in your iphone and ipad. Although app is paid but still it’s worth to go for iClee pro.  iClee pro gives features like check runtime memory consumption, graphical display of wired, activity, inactive and free monitoring or total used and free storage usage observation.

MemStats– notification center widget system: App developers claim that memstats use most advanced monitoring to check out for best possible free space. This widget can be opened from the notification center by just swapping down notification panel. So you can check out the app in app store anytime.

Memory status talking version: although this app will tell you about how much disk or system space you can free in your iphone or ipad. Once you have launched the application it will show you results in form of pie chart. With an easy interface and accurate results this is a must app in our list of top 5 best ios apps to increase RAM in iphone and ipad.

These apps are more useful if you are using iphone models like iphone 3gs, iphone 4, 4s or ipad models like ipad, ipad mini etc.

Just install these apps from apple app store and you don’t need any jailbroken iphone or ipad to use these apps. If you know any other app other than these or facing any problem do tell us in the comments box below.

Rishabh Pant is a passionate writer and blogger. He is pursuing engineering in electronics and communication from GGSIPU University. In his free time, he loves to watch movies and play PC games.


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