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Best Apps For Taking Care Of Your Pet

Our pets are our best friends, they’re there when we need them most offering emotional support, cuddles and understanding. They also let us know that they need us and that we’re are loved on a daily basis. The bond that people share with their pets is profoundly deep and one that is cherished dearly by both parties. With that in mind, we thought we’d put together a little list of the best apps that help you to take care of your animal companion.

Pet First Aid

This app was made by the American Red Cross and costs $3.99 to download but it’s extremely worth it. If your pet starts to feel unwell or is acting a little off then you can their symptoms into the apps database and find loads of health-related articles as well as step-by-step illustrations and videos on how to treat your pet.

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Pet Acoustics

Anyone who has a pet and has lived through a night of fireworks or a heavy thunderstorm knows that their animals are just as susceptible to stress and anxiety as humans. Pet acoustics puts together calming playlists of rainforest sounds, babbling brooks and oceanic waves that are finely tunes to your pets hearing sensitivities. It costs $1.99 to download but the benefit of a full night’s rest for your agitated pet will be priceless.

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If you suffer from some form of mental, psychological or minor physical condition then you may qualify to get your emotional support animal letter online via Moosh. Moosh is a website that puts together a comprehensive blog of all the latest in emotional support animal news as well as offering direct access to speak with an mental health profession who can assess whether you qualify and grant you your certification online. Getting your certification gives you access to to main benefits: housing and travel, both of which can be stressful things to have to consider when looking for a place to live and trying to get around. Having an ESA letter will mean less stress and hassle for both you and your pet.

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