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Best Applications for Business Travel – Have Your Best Vacation Yet

Nowadays, a smartphone is one of the things that should not be missing from our lives, especially when we’re traveling for business purposes. We don’t necessarily mean that you will need to take a phone with you because you need to make a lot of calls, but to allow ease of access to any information you may require.

Today we’re going to list some applications that you can install on your smartphone that may be useful when travelling.


Concur is one of the travel/expense manager applications, you can use it to photograph receipts and edit expenses in Airplane mode. You will also have the ability to import data from credit cards, submit expense reports, add events and meeting attendees, approve travel requests and more.


TripIt is an application that you can use to organize your plans with ease. You will have the ability to store all kinds of reservation numbers in one place and be able to access them at any time. You will be able to forward reservation confirmation emails and TripIt will build a master itinerary that will contain everything you need.


Skyscanner is able to search for car rentals, hotels to book a room, or a plane ticket with just a few taps. You will be able to compare bookings and find the best price and book it directly from the application.



If you are a chief business officer or an executive, then you may have the need to sign things regularly. DocuSign will help you execute contracts simply by allowing you to sign them directly on your smart phone

Google Drive

Google Drive will allow you to collaborate and review content with your team, anywhere. You will be able to share documents, track your team’s output and even adjust/review the team calendar to know what’s around the corner.


Twitter has become very important for everyone and we’re pretty sure that if you work for a decent company, they will have a Twitter account and they will also ask you to create one. This way, you will be able to keep track not only with what’s happening in the company while you are away, but you will also be able to see media stats for the week and keep track of what’s new on the internet.


Another application that allows you to communicate with your team is Asana. This application will also allow you to view deadline progress and even manage different tasks. If you manage a team, then Asana is one of the applications that you will surely need.

Costea Lestoc
Costea Lestoc
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