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5 Benefits Of Keeping A Diary With Edge Diary

Keeping a diary in a paper notebook can be a monotonous undertaking. However, if you use Edge Diary, a free app on iOS, you can take your diary with you wherever you go, and you can just type in quick entries whenever you have the time. Here are five other benefits to using this awesome app.

Edge diary

  1. Easy-to-use interface

Edge Diary makes the diary-writing process super easy. All you have to do is open the app, and a keyboard immediately pops up at the bottom of your screen. So, you just start typing, and your entry is complete whenever you’re finished. This intuitive app makes it easy to jot down your thoughts in daily entries. Plus, the menu at the bottom of the screen has everything you need to get things done in the app (from changing the viewing options to favoriting a post).

  1. Ability to add photos

One of the best parts of using this digital journal is the option of adding photos to your posts. You can either grab pics from your saved albums or take a photo directly from the app. Either way, you can insert images right into your daily entries.

  1. Can search entries

If you want to look back on specific entries, there are several search options. You can click the middle icon (of a magnifying glass) on the bottom of the screen to search for specific keywords. Or, you can click on certain dates to view what you entered, so you’ll always be able to track down whatever info you need.

Edge diary

  1. Use as a calendar

You can use Edge Diary as a calendar as well as a diary. You can click on the calendar icon on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, which will take you to the calendar view option. This gives you a whole month to see at one time (including the first line from every diary entry from that week).

  1. Backup to iCloud

Another great benefit is using Edge Diary’s backup option to save all of your entries to your iCloud. You’ll never have to worry about your entries not being saved when you use this feature.

There’s not much to be improved upon with Edge Diary. The app’s graphics aren’t too impressive when you first download the app, but you’ll be able to get it looking more interesting by adding your own pics to your entries once you get started.

There are tons of benefits to using Diary Edge and because it takes zero time for you to figure out how to use the app, you can start keeping your diary right away with no hassle. Just head over to the App Store to download Diary Edge and get started with your diary-keeping today!

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