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How I Became a Coding Master with DevKit: Make Games

Awhile back I had this genius idea for a cool new mobile app. I thought for sure my friends would love it, but I just had no clue how to actually create it. I’m not a computer expert, and I definitely didn’t know anything about writing code. So, when I came upon DevKit: Make Games, I knew my prayers were answered! This app actually helps you create a mobile app or game even if you know nothing about coding.

DevKit: Make Games is a free app, available for iOS devices, that lets you design and code your own app or game right from your mobile device. It has a super simple interface, which allows you to add in your own features using block-coding language. The first step (once you’ve come up with your idea of course) is to pick the scenes (or the views that the users will see when they use the app). Then, you can select the objects that they can interact with. After you create actions, you’ll be starting to learn how to write actual code! As soon as you’ve created your app, you can use live testing to make sure all of the kinks are worked out and it’s running properly. Your final step is to publish either directly to the web or to the App Store. Once your work is done, you can share your creation to your social media pages to let the whole world know you’ve created something awesome.

My favorite feature of the app is The Brain. It’s an artificially intelligent in-app assistant that’s available 24/7 for any help you might need – whether that’s searching for something, adding or removing functions, or asking questions – The Brain has got your back. Even if you just want to learn some basics about coding, DevKit: Make Games provides users with helpful video tutorials and an eBook for educational purposes. The app was even voted Best Educational App and NHHTC Product of the Year Finalist!

I only found a few minor downsides to using the DevKit: Make Games app. If you’re not completely comfortable using apps, you might feel a little stumped navigating the options. You also have to make some in-app purchases if you want access to all of the features on the app (however, the app’s free to begin with, so can’t really complain on this front!). You also have to make sure that you have a clear vision of the app you want to create before you start out as it can get a tad complicated later on if you’re not sure what to include during the development process.

Overall, DevKit is a perfect introduction if you want to learn more about coding or if you have a killer idea for a new app! So, if you want to become a coding master like me, check out DevKit: Make Games at the App Store now!



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