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Backing Up Your Google Apps is a Good Habit

Google Apps are a convenient and intuitive service for many professionals across many different industries. The internet has long since revolutionised the way we do business in the developing world, and Google Apps is just another progression in the chain. Launched (unbelievably) over a decade ago in February 2006, the series of apps rose and rose, and now includes some of the most popular apps in the world. Their flagship product, Gmail, is far and away the most widely used email server, while Google Drive is uses as an online back up system for all kinds of data. However, while Google apps are undoubtedly convenient, they are also not entirely safe.

Many people assume that backing up onto the Cloud, any kind of Cloud, is a surefire way of preserving their data. While they’re certainly more secure and long-term than a hard drive, they are not altogether impenetrable. And it’s worth noting that none of these services come with a guarantee of safety for your data. To that end, if you’re a frequent Google Apps user, it’d be worth your while checking out a google backup. Your data could be at risk from any number of threats, including user error, malicious deletion, spontaneous deletion and many more.

If you’re a Google Cloud user who has experienced the pain of loss before, you’ll know that there’s no way to retrieve your data when it’s gone. Apart from backing up to a secondary Cloud storage service, there’s no definite way of ensuring the security of your online stash. Well, there is; it’s called, and it’s sole job is to make sure your data stays where you want it; which is to say, available. Their Google back up tool works as a sync service, providing real backup servicing with version control and data deletion control.

The best way to start securing your emails, documents, spreadsheets and photos, is to kick start the Automated daily backup, which you can imagine, does what it says on the tin. You can schedule a full backup for anytime that’s convenient for you, and also full migration to another account if you feel your data in jeopardy. In the online world, you never quite know when a problem will occur; with a service like Spinbackup, you can rest assured that if the worst does happen, your datas fully secure and easily retrievable.

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