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Backing Up Data From Your Smartphone Or Tablet

Nowadays losing data from your tablet or smartphone can have a huge impact on your life.  You may lose personal data or classified information that you need for work without anyway of getting it back.  This is why today we’re going to talk about how to back up your data from your smartphone or tablet.

Backing up data from your smartphone or tablet using Memory cards

One of the easiest ways to back up data from your smartphone or tablet is via the microSD card.  All you will need to do is purchase a microSD card and load it into your smartphone or tablet.  Make sure that the mibcroSD card has enough space for all the data you want to save.

Currently there are smartphones which support microSD cards that have up to 128GB of space.  With that amount of space you can save a lot of data especially if the files aren’t media related.  You can also move applications to your microSD card by going to your device Settings->More->Application Manager and by selecting an application you will be able to move it to the microSD card.

At the same time you can move important photos and files to your microSD by going to the location they are saved and either use the copy (if you want to save the file to your microSD, but at the same time to keep a copy on the current location) or the cut button (if you want to move the file from there to the microSD card). After that head to the microSD card and select where you want to copy/move the file and select the “Paste” button.

However, you should keep in mind that microSDs are not 100% safe and they can always break.  Even if the chances are relatively low, this can happen and you may lose all your important data because of this.  This usually happens to cheap microSD cards and this is why we suggest you buy some quality microSD cards to keep your important data safe.


Backing up data from your smartphone or tablet using the Cloud

The Cloud is one of the most secure and safe locations you can keep important files.  Whether we are talking about legal documents, bank information or any personal information, using this service is the best way to keep safe this type of data safe.

Keep in mind that you can get decent amount of cloud storage for free, for example on Dropbox or Google Drive.  If you run out of space you can always buy more without any problems at what is normally a pretty cheap price.

Just install Google Drive or Dropbox and start saving all your important data on their servers.  Without a doubt this service is the most secure when it comes to keeping your important files safe.



MyBackUp application is an application that allows you to create copies of all your data including messages, call logs, contacts, alarms, documents, photos, videos, etc. Using the free version you will be able to create and backup your data to the microSD and restore it ONLY on the same device.

If you buy MyBackup Pro for 4.99 dollars you will be able to back up and restore files over multiple Android devices and at the same time you will be able to back up data directly to Dropbox or Google Drive.  This comes in handy if the microSD card fails.

Before backing up files using MyBackup Pro you should go to the Settings of the application and setup the chosen cloud service (Dropbox or Google Drive).  Keep in mind that you can backup files while using a Wi-Fi internet connection, as the big files may “eat” your entire data plan within minutes.

Tablet Backup Tutorial

As soon as you set the cloud service tap on the “New Backup” button and you will notice a menu pop up on the screen asking if what you want to backup.  Select what you want to save and tap “OK”.  In a few minutes the application will create a backup and all information will be sent to the Cloud via your Internet Connection.

Using MyBackup Pro you will able able to schedule a new backup to happen on a daily or weekly basis.  Hit the schedule button and it will ask you to select a time period for when you want it to automatically backup your data.


Backing up important files and folders is always good.  A smartphone or tablet can always break and if you don’t back up your files on your microSD or in the cloud you will end up losing all your important data.  Keep in mind that it usually takes a few seconds to make a backup of your important data, so do it before it’s too late!

Have you lost data before? In the future will you use one of these applications to save your data?

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