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Apple’s iPhone 14 Becomes Official – Here Are the Basics

Just as everybody expected, Apple launched the new iPhone 14 lineup on September 7. Gladly, many of the rumors about the flagship were confirmed to be true. The tech giant has respected the custom once again and brought a new top iPhone for us as it does every fall.

First and foremost, there’s a new processor available on two out of the four new iPhone 14 models: the A16 Bionic chipset that the Pro and Pro Max versions of the new iPhone 14 are carrying. That means even more speed than what the previous A15 Bionic is capable of, and we’re talking about one of the best mobile processors on the market. Surprisingly or not, the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are still clinging to the A15 Bionic chipset, which was also present on all four of the iPhone 13 models that were released last year. It’s pretty likely, however, that users won’t notice any significant difference between an iPhone running on A16 and one that’s equipped with A15, but we’ll surely be clarified once the reviews start.

Welcome, Dynamic Island!

If you’re also tired of that huge notch that iPhones usually have, you’re not alone. Apple has done things a little differently this year by placing what’s known as the Dynamic Island on the new iPhones’ notch area. The “island” will change its shape in order to adapt to what it needs to show you: a person calling, your favorite music playing, notifications, and more.

Surely it’s an improvement, as Dynamic Island is integrated throughout iOS 16 and it aims to consolidate alerts, notifications, and more through an interactive place.

Superior cameras

The cameras of the new iPhones are pretty interesting as well, as there’s an advanced system. The front cameras feature autofocus, and the main cameras allow you to take “great photos in low light” or in “any light.” The videos that you can record using iPhone 14 can also benefit from the “action mode,” meaning that they’ll faithfully recreate an object in motion.

The new iPhone 14 also comes with a crash detection system that can save the lives of many folks. That’s possible because the device will automatically trigger Emergency SOS if a crash has occurred and the user doesn’t respond. The new iPhone is even packed with Emergency SOS via satellite.

Prices start at € 999

The standard iPhone 14 has a price revolving around € 999.00 / £ 849.00 / ₹ 79,900. This version brings 6GB of RAM and three storage options: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The price for the iPhone 14 Plus is about € 1,149.00 / £ 949.00 / ₹ 89,900 – this version is equipped with the same amount of RAM and storage options as the standard iPhone 14 version. One big difference between them is that the Plus version has a larger display. Both the standard iPhone 14 and the Plus versions feature a 12MP main camera setup.

Things get really expensive when we consider the iPhone 14 Pro version, as it is priced at around € 1,299.00 / £ 1,099.00 / ₹ 129,900. This version also comes equipped with 6GB of RAM, but also a 1TB storage option, alongside the other two of 128GB and 256GB. The main camera setup reaches 48MP.

Last but not least, we have to mention the Pro Max version of Apple’s new iPhone lineup: you’ll have to pay around € 1,449.00 / $ 1,450.00 / £ 1,199.00 / ₹ 139,900 if you want this beauty in your pocket. The version comes with the same storage options as the iPhone 14 Pro and the same amount of RAM as all the others. Even so, it deserves its demanded price, as it has solid specs.

iPhone 14 is definitely an improvement compared to the older iPhone 13. The new iPhones have better cameras, a superior processor, “the best battery” ever appearing on iPhones (as Apple claims), and some fun and useful new features. We’ll clearly have a better idea of what the iPhone 14 is capable of once we hold one in our hand, as we all know that the experience can sometimes be slightly different in reality compared to the specs and features that are presented in a video or webpage. Pre-orders for iPhone 14 have already started since yesterday, September 9, so there’s not much to wait.

Thanks to GSMArena and Apple’s official videos, it was possible to learn more about the specs and prices of the new iPhone!

Costea Lestoc
Costea Lestoc
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