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Apple TV And The New Features That It Will Receive Thanks To The Upcoming Update

Apple is working in parallel on updates for all of its operating systems and already released a first beta for the testers enrolled in the Developer Program. Soon, the Apple TV media streaming device will run on tvOS 9.2, and it is rumored that Apple will launch a digital streaming cable service, as it’s interested in purchasing Time Warner. This US cable company owns a bunch of cable and satellite television channels such as TNT, HBO, CNN, TBS, NBA TV, Warner Bros and Cartoon Network. But back to the Apple TV and the additions that will make this streamer become a must have. Below, we’ll tell about the new features that have been noticed in the first beta of tvOS 9.2.

The Apple TV owners are excited about the addition of the VLC application, a media player that is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, and which is used for playing and streaming virtually all kinds of types of movie files. By making VLC available for the Apple TV streamer, Apple has made sure that its loyal users will be more satisfied with the device and its capabilities. There are many paid streaming applications released for the Apple TV, but thanks to VLC, the users will be able to pull in content from other sources (local or hosted), transforming the streamer into an open media hub.

When the tvOS 9.0 was launched, there were many missing desired features and the bugs were giving users a hard time. tvOS 9.1 fixed some of them, but it didn’t bring major features. Maybe because Apple was holding them for the next update, because tvOS 9.2 will be rich in new features and other performance enhancements. And one of the surprises was the possibility to install third-party applications through the Apple TV App Store. Moreover, according to the new first beta of the tvOS 9.2, the users will be able to perform Siri searches.

Here are the rest of features that will come in tvOS 9.2:


The users will be allowed to create a folder by dragging one application on top of another. To that folder will be moved other applications as well, by dragging them into that folder. Until now, this organizational tool helped the iOS users to declutter their home screen, by creating folders and moving there everything that is useless.

Support For Bluetooth Keyboards

The previous tvOS versions were criticized for having the onscreen keyboard on the horizontal and the letters were arranged in one row, making it hard to write a word. And when the users wanted to spell something while they were in the middle of a search, they needed to swipe a lot across the Siri Remote trackpad, which was frustrating and exhausting. In order to make things easier, the users had to install official Remote iOS application, which has a virtual keyboard. The good news is that the upcoming tvOS 9.2 will bring support for physical Bluetooth keyboards, which can be used to type at a PC. So, this will help the users to search queries and to enter login details on the screen of the Apple TV more easily.


This is an unexpected feature which made its apparition in tvOS 9.2 and it was brought to developers who want to integrate Apple’s Maps into their applications. Developers who create applications for iOS have been using MapKit for a while, and now this developer kit will be used for adding Apple Maps into applications for Apple TV. And AirBnb is one of the applications that were created for the users who live to travel and want to make a list of places they want to visit. It’s compatible with Apple TV soon it might show where the property is located on a map, besides offering immersive photos of it.

The Siri Remote Supports New Languages

As you know, the remote control of the fourth generation Apple TV was revamped (it has a smooth touchpad which simplifies navigation). Now, the Siri Remote has support for US Spanish and French Canadian (North America), UK English, Australian English and US English (the UK and Australia).

New App Switcher

App Switcher has been revamped as well and it represents the screen that appears after double-pressing the Home button which is found on the Siri Remote. Until now, all open applications were displayed in a single row and to get from one to another, the users swiped left/right. In tvOS 9.2, the App Switcher looks more like the “stacked” app interface from iOS 9.

Podcast App

The users have requested back this application, which was removed when the Apple TV 2015 was launched. Luckily, their wish has been fulfilled, as they will be able to listed again to their favorite podcasts, using their TVs.

Last but not least: tvOS 9.2 brings the Podcast app back to the Apple TV. This fixes a huge complaint people had when the new Apple TV was released. Older Apple TVs had the Podcast app but when Apple released the next generation Apple TV it was conspicuously absent. Now users can listen to all their favorite podcasts right from their television.

It’s not known when tvOS 9.2 will be officially released, but rumors say that it will happen this spring.

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Costea Lestoc
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