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Apple Admits the Issues of iPhone 14 and Tries to Fix Them

After a long wait and many speculations, Apple launched the iPhone 14 lineup early this month. There are plenty of highlights of the new iPhones, such as the A16 Bionic chipset made by Apple, the Dynamic Island feature, the crash detection system that’s likely to literally save some lives, or the superior cameras. There are clearly some significant improvements brought by Apple compared to the previous iPhone 13 lineup that came out last year. However, the new iPhone 14 started to land in the hands of the buyers, and no offense, but these latter folks are often more objective than the guys from Apple who presented the product.

Despite Apple already releasing some emergency updates to overcome the technical problems of the iPhone 14 that users are already confronting with, the flagship is still dealing with bugs, as Forbes reveals. There’s a good sign, however, that Apple doesn’t seem to try hiding the issues of its new iPhones. On the other hand, the Cupertino-based giant didn’t say anything publicly about the technical problems. Those who have bought the devices are dealing with CarPlay issues, such as the phone call quality being very low, among other problems. However, Apple has already released the iOS 16.0.2 update to overcome the issue, but it’s far from clear at this point if the problem was solved for everyone or not.

The camera issues of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max… potentially solved

Apple has even committed the “ultimate sin” with the release of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models by bringing along with them some issues for the main camera. What else could be worse for a high-end smartphone except having issues with the main camera? The problems with the camera for some iPhone 14 models consisted of the main sensor vibrating uncontrollably and heavily during social apps such as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, as MacRumors revealed about a week ago. The issue obviously resulted in shaky videos and many jokes and funny memes across social platforms.

Later on, Apple became aware of the issue, and it potentially solved it through the same iOS 16.0.2 update that was mentioned earlier in this article. The update even seems to have solved some other bugs of the new iPhones, which grants more hope that Apple will continue to take notice of the technical issues that appear on iPhone 14.

The prices for the new iPhone 14 start somewhere at $999. And when you pay so much money for a smartphone, perhaps there is a major tendency to complain about its flaws, regardless of how small they might be. But even so, we’re glad to learn more and more about Apple’s products from those who have already tested them. It’s generally more reliable to put a device to work with your own hands rather than just reading the spec sheet.

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Costea Lestoc
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