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Android 14 Arrives for OnePlus 11 in Stable Form

Back in March, we shared the news about OnePlus promising five years of security updates for its latest OnePlus 11 flagship, which is an outstanding move for a smartphone brand. In fact, most phones don’t even have such a long lifespan. It was already clear that the guys from OnePlus have some very ambitious plans for their flagship, and once again, we received confirmation thanks to a recent community post on the company’s website.

OnePlus 11 was released back in January, and it already came with Android 13 out of the box. Although it was known until that time that the phone supported a potential upgrade to Android 14, a lot of people out there expected it to happen much later.

OnePlus announces the arrival of Android 14 in stable form for OnePlus 11

According to the official post mentioned above, OnePlus is bringing the Android 14 update in stable form for the OnePlus 11 flagship. This means that the phone will be capable of all the latest and the greatest features that the Android OS has to offer due to its latest version, meaning Android 14.

The new update is being rolled out for Indian users, although we can expect it to soon become available for a broader audience. Those who have participated in the closed beta and open beta programs are the users who get the Android 14 update first, while the others will have no choice but to wait a bit more.

Before a OnePlus 11 user makes the update to the stable version of Android 14, his device needs to be on either one of the following builds: CPH2447_13.1.0595(EX01) or CPH2447_13.1.0596(EX01). Furthermore, those who qualify for the update will have to be on the lookout for build CPH2447_14.0.0.201(EX01).

What’s new in Android 14?

OnePlus also revealed the changelog for the update to the stable Android 14 version. The upgrade brings plenty of new functionalities when it comes to performance optimization, cross-device connectivity, smart efficiency, security and privacy, and more.

For instance, the new Android 14 update brings cross-device support for Fluid Cloud. This means that once you install it on the OnePlus 11, you are free to verify the connection status of devices on your account more easily than ever.

Another important requirement for grabbing the Android 14 stable update for the OnePlus 11 is that you need a decent amount of battery life available. Therefore, make sure to charge your phone well before going for the update. The update demands 5GB of free storage space, meaning about as much a YouTube video shot in 4K. Therefore, make sure you have enough storage and battery life available to grab the Android 14 update for the OnePlus 11!

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