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Amazing things that you can do with your android smartphone.

Amazing things that you can do with your android phones and tablets: With increasing android users around the world more and more features are constantly being added into these devices. No, doubt in last 2 years android has beaten all other operating platforms like ios, and windows, bada, symbian etc.

It’s consistent effort of Google and its team that is working constantly in betterment of your android devices. Not only this your smartphone is also becoming more compact with loads of features to work upon.

Although you all are aware about many features of your android smartphone. Most basic thing that you can do is to root your android smartphone. When you root your device you can get access to all the blocked features of your smartphone. But rooting your device is not always beneficial, so it is not always recommended. In this article I will tell you amazing thing that you can do with your android smart phones and tablets.

Use your health guide 

Amazing things that you can do with your android smartphoneNo need to feel jealous of samsung galaxy  s4 (although I personally use this device :P) users. Applications like S health are not limited to Samsung galaxy s4. There is no special hardware inside galaxy s4 to calculate calories or steps taken. Just login to your play store account and install some good health related apps like Accupedo. Accupedo uses your smartphones accelerator to calculate distance travelled. It will also give you details like calories burned etc.

Download Accupedo from Google play store here.

Money back if not satisfied with app purchased: with largest number of apps in Google play store there are many buggy or fake apps which seems to be very attractive. But after purchasing those apps you realize that they are not up to mark or they didn’t meet up to your expectations. Don’t worry you still have some time to get back your money. Yes, play store offers you to get back your money but you have only 15 minutes to get refund. So, after purchasing that app just check it out if not satisfied open your play store go to product page and you will get refund option there.

Read about how to download apps from Google play store without wi-fi or mobile internet.

Use as security camera:

Amazing things that you can do with your android smartphoneYou can use your android smartphone as security camera. If you are in a mood to upgrade to a new and powerful smartphone and cannot decide what to do with your old set. We suggest you to use that as security camera. Open your play store and download free internet cam application. This application has feature to play camera in background and still shows your device’s home screen. Just find a suitable spot to place the device and be a detective.

Use your smartphone as wireless mouse or keyboard:

Yes, you read it right. If not comfortable using your laptop’s track pad and keyboard or your mouse suddenly stops working and you are working on important project, you can turn your smartphone into mouse. Install remote mouse to turn your smartphone into portable mouse or keyboard.

Download remote mouse from play store here.

Switch to new user interface:

amazing things that you can do with your smartphoneNexus devices are praised for simple and good UI they provide to its users. If you are not nexus user or bored from your device’s user interface, there are many applications like buzz, apex , nova etc. that can change your device UI with new launcher.


Download buzz from google play store here.

After going through the article I think you can imagine the power of your android device. I hope you all will like the article about some amazing things that you can do with your smartphone. Do share other apps and your experiences with us.

Thank you  J

Rishabh Pant is a passionate writer and blogger. He is pursuing engineering in electronics and communication from GGSIPU University. In his free time, he loves to watch movies and play PC games.


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