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AireLive: The One Stop Shop For Social Networking


Can you imagine living in a time where we weren’t all instantly connectable? It must be nearly impossible for some of the younger generation to imagine there was once a time when landlines were the only way to communicate with a friend or family member, and if you weren’t able to keep a date, you had no way of contacting the other person to let them know. Not the case anymore. Now we are all connected, first by mobile phones and, increasingly dominant, social networks. Face to face screen time is the optimum and indeed regular way to communicate these days, and we can’t be far off holograms. AireLive, the brand new social networking system, doesn’t quite manage holograms, but it does pretty much everything else. It’s brand new and out now for iOS and Android.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the amount of different apps you have to engage with in order to provide yourself with a fully rounded social network experience, AireLive is the app for you. It combines all of the best features of the heavy hitters you know and love and combines them into one handy package. The coolest part is it’s all free. The app allows you to FaceChat and stream live videos, while also enabling you to share them with your family and friends. Amazingly, up to four people can talk simultaneously in one FaceChat session; a seriously pioneering feature that could be hugely practical for families living apart who want a face to face group reunion, or a gang of friends who want to relax and chat together with ease.


AireLive doesn’t reinvent the wheel; what you’re seeing is bound to be familiar if you’ve used even one facet of social media. However, AireLive does it all at once. The great part of the app is that it unites all these features under one roof. You’ve got Facebook’s capability of group and instant messaging, Instagram’s photo sharing features, Meerkat’s open video, Periscope’s group video, the ability to share moments and updates like Snapchat and Twitter, and even a couple of unique features, such as avatar customization and a travel diary. Let me repeat in case you’re underestimating this app; you get all these features IN ONE INTERFACE. Amazing. In lesser hands the premise for this app could have come across messy and buggy; however, the developers behind AireLive have put a good few years (and a good few dollars you’d be willing to bet) into sculpting their app to optimum performance.

IMG_2233 IMG_2238

The result is our gain. The interface is great to navigate, and the app as a whole runs very smoothly. Depending on how much you want to engage with the app, it could be your new social network hub; maybe you don’t like to post a lot of stuff, just keep up to date with friends’ timelines; well that’s fine, you can do that too. AireLive lays out all the options for you and does so in style. If you’re looking to consolidate your online social life, check this one out.

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