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8 Most Popular Mac Apps to help with Productivity

Mac Apps that allow you to be productive can never be a bad thing. Managing productivity in today’s modern world can be quite difficult. The fact that nearly everything has shifted online means we’re tasked with the responsibility of maintaining focus- Most people are struggling to remain focused in their day-to-day life. If we don’t manage our behaviors, we’re more likely to fall into the trap of completing unnecessary work like answering an email or responding to texts, etc. 

The good news is that they are many productivity apps created to help manage productivity. Selecting the best app can be a bit hectic. However, through extensive research and expert consultation, we’ve highlighted the seven most popular Mac apps you can’t ignore in this article.

Mac Apps


Managing time is important in our day-to-day life because it helps us reduce stress. This app is designed to help you achieve exactly that. The app helps plan time effectively and swiftly schedule and reschedule appointments. The app is the best solution for anyone struggling with time management. # The app bears the name of the next-generation calendar.


The app is very efficient; in terms of speed, it’s 3x the speed of Gmail. The app is designed to help you avoid distractions from emails. It helps you sort the most important ones first. Another advantage is that it will help you organize emails and respond quickly. 


The app was designed mainly for thinkers or people constantly trying to develop new concepts. These are people constantly coming up with new ideas. You can capture your thoughts and then come later when you have ample time for deeper analysis.

You should consider this app if you always have challenges organizing your thoughts and finding connections between them. It allows you to find connections between concepts and find meaning. 


Perfect for grammar and spell check. If you’re looking for a tool to help you with writing reports, emails, articles, and so on, Grammarly is the tool. Typically, it helps correct grammatical errors and helps your writing look more professional, ensuring flawless. 


 In today’s internet age, you will likely have signed up on different websites/platforms. Bearing this in mind, this is a must-have tool in this list of productivity apps. It is a perfect fit for forgetful people with many passwords. 

How does the app operate, you might ask. It reminds you of your passwords and more importantly safeguards them. 1Password is a tool you definitively can’t afford to miss in your list of Mac productivity apps.


Automated time tracker designed to automate your essentials, and get you back on track. The app, using artificial intelligence, tracks what you do on your Mac and consequently creates a timesheet for you- It’s a superb way of addressing inaccuracies at work. 


Juggling tasks can not only be confusing but stressful. Nowadays with so many windows, apps, and ads popping up, it’s easier to find ourselves distracted. 

This is where the Magnet app comes into play. It helps avoid the mistake of multitasking. The app is designed to help Mac users focus on specific tasks by organizing the windows in the screen’s dimensions. With a magnet, you can comfortably resize windows to fit different sizes of the screen.

 I believe the app is important for any Mac user. If you want to buy it, I would encourage you to go ahead. 

Spark Mail

You would agree with me that working with emails can be tedious. However, with Spark Mail, you will fall in love with your Inbox again. The app is designed to improve your experience with your emails. 

One thing to note about this app’s features is it is user-friendly. Smart Inbox is a key feature that comes with the app and helps you focus on the most important emails. The app will allow you to enjoy many features that will increase productivity and make it interesting when working with your emails. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many Mac Apps to help with productivity. Still, we hope the list provided in this article kick-start your journey to finding some of the best tools to improve production, increase time management, and boost creativity.

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