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7 Ways to Find Mobile Games Worth Installing

It can be disappointing that after installing a 5-gigabyte game, only to find it’s a clone of another game you played before. Due to misleading advertising, it can be tricky to find a mobile game worth installing and playing.  Here are things to do:

Read reviews on Metacritic

There’s an iOS section on Metacritic with a list of the highest-rated recent iOS games. Although there’s no Android section on Metacritic at the moment, many high-rated iOS games are available in Google Play Store as well, such as Dicey Dungeons, Streets of Rage 4, and Dungeons and dragons. Go to the all-time high scores page and you will get a long list of exciting games available for iOS and often, for Android as well. As long as you choose a game with a Metascore of at least 75, you may have a good time playing it.

Check recommendations in the app stores

With so many apps in Apple App Store and Google Play Store, it can be confusing to find a good game to play. Fortunately, both app stores have curated and hand-picked lists of recommended games. It’s likely that these games are unique, with positive reviews from many users.

Find gameplay videos on YouTube

There are usually gameplay videos of mobile games if they are fairly popular. You will know about the game’s interface and how it’s played. Sometimes, there are also reviews to help you decide, whether to install a game.

Play without installing

Download Instant Apps from Google Play Store and it allows you to run games without installing. However, it only supports only compatible games, but it’s better than wasting data during installation. 

Check Reddit

Reddit is a treasure trove of good recommendations on many things, including fun mobile games that you can play. If there’s a subreddit for a specific mobile game with many active subscribers, then you can be sure to have a fun time playing it. A good start is to read subreddits for Android and iOS gaming because moderators and users will recommend their favorite games. You can read what people have been playing in recent days and this will be an excellent recommendation as well. 

Go to GameTree

GameTree is a gamers’ network that allows you to interact with one another. It has a recommendation engine to help you find the hottest mobile games at the moment. When you first sign up, choose Mobile and your preferred genres, which makes it more accurate for GameTree to provide recommendations for you. 

Visit TouchArcade website

TouchArcade is a discovery platform for iOS games and it allows you to browse the latest games without having to check the App Store. It catalogs quality mobile games for iPhone and iPad across a variety of genres. You can find games that you prefer, along with their ratings and prices. When you click a game, you will get a detailed description, along with some screenshots. TouchArcade also has forums, podcasts, reviews, and news about mobile games of iOS. At the time of writing, this website doesn’t discuss anything related to Android gaming.



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