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7 Great Technologies When Working On The Move


It is now incredibly easy to operate your business while on the move. Whether you are self-employed or the head of a large company with a team of employees, you no longer need to be confined to the office to do your work. It is entirely possible to work from the relative comfort of your car or on your daily commute.

There are many advantages to working on the move. Not only do you get extra fresh air while you are working, but you are also cutting down on overheads such as rental space and electricity. If you are considering getting out of the office, here are some of the ways technology can help you run your business, wherever you are.

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You no longer need to be at home or in the office to source a wi-fi connection. You can now connect to the internet on a lot of bus and train services, letting you work while on the way to the office, or to an important meeting. You could even pull up outside a cafe and source their wi-fi. It’s a little bit cheeky, but buy a cake from them as recompense.

When in your car, using your smartphone as a wireless hotspot will enable you to connect your laptop or tablet to the wi-fi connection.

You no longer need to miss that important phone call while driving. While you should always pull over to use a phone, a signal booster can be attached to your car meaning you never have to worry about being out of network range.

If you are working from your car, you will realize it may not be the most spacious place to conduct your office work. For that reason, laptop desks can be attached to the steering wheel. Push your seat back, and you will have added space to do your business. The desk has enough space for several pieces of equipment, as well as your laptop, giving you everything you need at hand to work efficiently.

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When managing your finances, there are a number of mobile phone apps such as Xero, which help you to manage your bank account, calculate expenses, and work out invoices, all at the press of a button. Perfect for anybody, no matter how poor their maths is.

There are many smartphone apps that help you manage all aspects of your business, including this pet specific grooming software. Most of the hard work is done for you, including scheduling clients and transacting sales, without the need for separate programs open on your phone or computer and cuts down on unnecessary paperwork.

Cutting down the risk of losing your important files, using a cloud service allows you to access your work, wherever you are. You don’t need to be carrying your laptop around with you, as your files can be accessed on any smartphone or tablet device, and can be seen simultaneously by colleagues or clients on their devices too.




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