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6 Reasons Why Mac is Better than PC you Didn’t Know Existed

There is an endless debate when it comes to Mac vs. PC. But in fairness, this is a subjective debate; for example, Macs are popular and known to be easier to use, but if it’s your first time using one, you might find it complex or overwhelming. 

Despite this endless debate, here follows a list of practical reasons why buying a Mac is the best decision. 

Macs are cheaper over a long period 

No doubt, Windows are available for fewer up-front dollars. However, the real cost of ownership should be calculated based on the residual value of the product once you sell it. Therefore, the difference between the acquisition cost and the residual value of the product gives you the figure of what your computer costs to own. Anytime you calculate the cost of ownership as explained, Macs are unbeatable. Let’s consider this scenario: If we were to compare the value of a Windows PC from 4 years ago, and compare that to the value of a four-year-old Mac, it’s a no-match. You would agree…. Right?

They are easier to purchase 

If you have tried shopping for a PC before, then you will agree with me that it can be overwhelming/tiring. When it comes to PCs, there are so many choices, by different manufacturers, not to mention their different features. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, it’s almost impossible to know whether you’re getting the best deal. On the contrary, Macs can be pretty easier to buy because you can narrow down your search to your preference. Furthermore, the brand is reputable, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best product. 

Viruses threat 

We are living in a world of cybercrime. Cyber security is a major concern in today’s technologically advancing world. Remember, cybercrime is being committed every day for different reasons. Cybercriminals manipulate data, steal identity, for financial gains, and so on. But we all have a responsibility to prevent cybercrimes in our day-to-day interaction with the Internet. More often than not, hackers use viruses to control your computer. Although Apple computers can get viruses as well as malware, they are relatively in a better position in comparison to Windows. 

Apple is an embodiment of style 

There are countless different styles of PC in the market. But Apple products are extraordinary in terms of design, features, and specs. To say the least, Mac’s reputation is unmatched. Most importantly, Macs maintain their value even after a considerably long period compared to PCs. 

Windows can run on Mac

The fact that you can enjoy Windows on your Apple Mac, means you can get the best of both worlds. Learn 5 Safest Ways to Run Windows on Your Mac and Do it Like an Expert. Enjoying Windows on a Mac saves you time, and money and you also get the most out of Mac and Windows. 

What happens when something goes wrong?

This is how it works…. Microsoft makes the software while such manufacturers as Dell or HP to mention a few make the Windows PC. Does this sound like a recipe for disaster? Absolutely. Having a third-party involved means in the event of a problem, companies start playing the “Blame game.” However, this is not the case with Apple. Apple’s problem sorely rests with Apple. Remember, Apple has always been at the forefront of helping the world in the spirit that technology can change the world. Therefore, if your Mac has an issue, you can attest to Apple’s friendly expertise. 


Macs are associated with high-powered graphic design which is attributed to the design of the products. We call agree that Apple products are appealing, and sometimes people buy them for their style. On the other end, PCs are famous for their cost, wide variety of software, and backward compatibility among other advantages. From a practical point of view, each system accomplishes some things better, therefore it narrows down to what features are important to you and the main purpose of your computer. 



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