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6 of the Best Podcasts Worth Listening in 2022

Podcasts are becoming more popular in the modern world. Supposedly, if you’re new to podcasts, you may have encountered them while traversing the internet. The best podcasts imitate traditional radio because it involves in-depth interviews, real-life experiences, education, etc. The content is then delivered in a format that is easy to listen to. You can listen to podcasts on either Apple Music, Spotify, or Amazon Music.

Before we dive into listing the best podcasts worth downloading, it’s important to mention that accessibility is one of the big appeals of podcasts. How accessible are they, one might ask. You can easily and quickly download or stream them from your podcast app. 

Remember, they are different apps, so it’s upon you to choose your favorite. Often, these podcasts come in episodes covering various topics. You can select the topics that interest you and schedule when you want to listen to them over weeks. 

The good thing is that you can listen to podcasts anywhere. You could be commuting, walking, or exercising, to name but a few. Besides entertainment, podcasts serve such purposes as educating and motivating listeners and offering an opportunity for people to share their insights in unique ways.    

The Best Podcasts

1. The Daily 

The Daily

The Podcast comes second after the Joe Rogan Experience. It focuses on new and most current stories. Many people compare it to The Daily to New York Times-The episodes are relatively shorter, between 25-45 minutes. The Podcast covers domestic and international politics, not to mention the hottest news events. 

2. Stuff You Should Know 


The Podcast is the best fit for anyone interested in knowing how the world works in general. The Podcast covers intriguing topics- You might even get tempted to start right away. You might come across some topics like “How Money Laundering Works.” In my view, the show is guided by science and truth. Each episode is about an hour long. Usually, two hosts portray great rapport making the Podcast enjoyable. 

3. The Joe Rogan Experience 


It’s the most popular Podcast in the world. The Podcast is mainly dominated by men and anyone interested in long conversations (3 hours long) covering such topics as politics, UFOs, history, psychology, and many more. Arguably, Joe Rogan is a controversial figure and has been in the spotlight severally. Some of his controversies can be attributed to his open-minded nature, which has seen him host conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones. 

On the positive side, Joe Rogan has hosted remarkable scientists like Steven Pinker, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Professor Brian Cox, among others. The Podcast attracts many followers around the world. If you want to taste his experience, check out some of the most popular episodes explaining controversial topics.

4. The Ben Shapiro Show 


In the realm of political podcasts, The Ben Shapiro show is a common one. The Podcast covers all the news in a comprehensive, hard-hitting, conservative, not to mention moral fashion—Shapiro is popularly known for his fast-talking way of speaking. If you’re interested in politics, news, events, and culture, look no further.

5. Planet Money 


The creators of the Podcast are Alex Blumberg and Adam Davidson. The show started on September 6th, 2008, and covers the financial crisis of 2007-08. Provides a good place for people without an economic background, and it could be a great way to learn how the economy operates. 

The show also favors people with limited time because the episodes are relatively short (6-30 minutes). The interviewees are not confined to academic experts and business professionals but also accommodate the general public. The main topics include taxes, current events, international trade, and more.

6. How to Own the Room 

To some people, public speaking is their forte, but it’s a nightmare for others. When it comes to public speaking, different people portray different reactions. For example, they are people who believe they could be good at it with a little push. If you’re that person, ‘How to Own the Room’ is the Podcast for you. The show is presented by journalists, writers, and comedians who offer insights on how to be extemporary in public speaking. #It’s a podcast worth checking out.

Final Thoughts 

There are many podcasts, and knowing which is worth your time can be confusing. However, this article goes an extra mile to list some of the best podcasts everyone is listening to in 2022.

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