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5 Ultimate Bitcoin Apps Of 2016

Bitcoin is the premier digital currency currently manoeuvring its way into the global financial arena. Introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, whom no one really knows anything about, Bitcoin has flourished over the past few years and is now being accepted as legitimate currency in places all over the globe, including numerous online stores and a huge number of Bitcoin casinos online. It has a number of advantages; no tracking, no transaction fees, it can’t be seized and it’s exceptionally hard to steal; so it’s no wonder that tech savvy people all over the world are turning to it. If you’re one of the people who has yet to explore this exciting new cryptocurrency, or even if you have, here are some of the best smartphone apps relating to the wonderful world of Bitcoin.

1 – FlapPig

FlapPig is fun little game which will help you earn REAL Bitcoins. And considering the currency exchange rate is approximately 1 Bitcoin for $400, this is not something you should take lightly. Plus it’s a fun little game based on there ever-popular Flappy Bird, only this time you have to navigate Foo the golden pig through a series of trials.

2 – Fitcoin

This is a strange one, but is potentially a genius idea. This app wants to help you get fit, and it’s happy to pay you real Bitcoins to do so. Obviously, it doesn’t just hand them out for every sit-up you decide to do before bed; it really wants to make you work for those coins. But for those forward-thinking people who need some incentive to get fit, Fitcoin¬†could be a godsend.

3 – Fold

Fold is a pioneering app partly responsible for bringing Bitcoin to a wider audience. It lets you pay major retailers like Target and Starbucks through your phone with your Bitcoins. As it grows and adds more and more chains, this app will most likely become the key in widespread Bitcoin circulation, allowing you to pay straight from your virtual wallet in real life shops.

4 – Blockchain

And speaking of wallets, you’re going to need one of those two. There are many out there to choose from, but one of the most reliable and user friendly is Blockchain, who have been around almost since the beginning, and have the most wallets to their name. They also have Fort Knox levels of security so you can be sure your finances are protected. You can receive and send Bitcoins, as well as view transaction history across twenty-two different currencies.

5 – Lawnmower

And finally to finish, we have Lawnmower, a Bitcoin investment app that helps you earn Bitcoins through¬†investing your fiat currency. It rounds up any online purchases you make, takes the loose change and cleverly converts it to Bitcoin. Get started with this one right the way, and once Bitcoin inevitably goes mainstream, you’ll be ready to rock.



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