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5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Phone

Out of all the modern day technology advances that we have seen over the past decade, the smartphone is probably the most game-changing one out of all of them. Not only do they let us call and text our friends and family members like a regular mobile phone, we can even browse the internet with them. And it’s not old WAP internet like our old phones either, it’s full-blown proper internet, the exact same experience we get at home on our computers and laptops.

In addition to the internet experience, these smartphones have their own operating systems (much like a Windows or Apple computer) meaning that any software developer can create applications for smartphones—and the new ideas never cease to get old.

If you want to get the most out of your smartphone or if you’re still a little weary about buying one, here are some excellent apps that you probably never knew about. There is almost an app for everything, so hopefully, this small list will convince you to get a new smartphone right now!

Infocurse phone

Learn a Language

Forget the old days of listening to podcasts and audiobooks in order to learn a language. With your handheld smartphone, you can learn virtually any commonly used language in the world with the help of apps. Not only do they have lessons to teach you how to speak and listen, you can even learn how to write the language and there are pictures and goals to assist you. Most of these language learning apps are free, but you can pay for additional lessons, to remove adds, and add extra features.

Track Your Health

Forget carrying around several different widgets and gadgets to track your health and monitor your progress, there are now mobile apps that will do everything from track your fitness to your calories, and motivate you to work harder to take better care of your health. Apps such as Gyroscope are the complete package. If you’re serious about your health, then look no further than using your smartphone to help you get your health back on track.


Spy on Someone

Whether you’re a business owner that likes to keep track of what employees are doing with your company phones or you’re a worried parent that wants to monitor what their child is doing on the internet, spy apps are available for almost every smartphone device. They will let you monitor web activity, messages, calls and even send fake messages, so you know exactly what the phone is being used for, and you can even use the GPS to track where the phone is.

Ask and Give Advice Anonymously

If you’ve ever had a question or wanted to seek advice but didn’t want to turn to your friends and family members, an app such as Flotsm will be the perfect companion for you. You can ask questions anonymously and get thousands of people to read it. They’ll either give you a humorous and silly reply to cheer up your day or a serious response to try and help you. You can also browse other people’s questions and give similar advice.

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